Zali Steggall comments ‘anti-democratic, illiberal and intolerant’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says for Warringah MP Zali Steggall to think she can tell another woman what politics she is allowed to get involved in is “anti-democratic, illiberal” and “intolerant”.

This comes as one of the people assisting in the campaign of Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves is barrister Bridie Nolan, who is married to Ms Steggall’s former husband.

Ms Steggall described this to the ABC’s RN Breakfast as as a “deliberately provocative move” by Ms Nolan or Ms Deves and also called it a “new low”.

“What I reckon is a new low is one person believing they are so superior, so entitled, that they can tell another person what politics they are allowed to get involved in,” Mr Kenny said.

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