Tom Hanks reveals Queen’s favourite cocktail after attending special dinner party

Tom Hanks has revealed The Queen’s favourite cocktail.

The Hollywood A-lister was chatting on The One Show last night as he recalled a sweet anecdote about meeting the monarch in 2011.

The Forrest Gump legend had been attending an evening for the then President of the United States and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama.

In the week the. Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, BBC host Emma Willis asked Hanks: “”Big week for us in the UK as you’ll probably know it’s the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Tom, I believe you have actually had dinner with the Queen?”

Revealing he was in a prime position to witness the Queen’s favourite tipple going down a treat, he replied: “I sat next to the Queen and some lady in a lovely tiara was right next to me. I was dressed up very nicely. The chit chat with the Queen is something you’ve got to get ready for.”

The Queen has reportedly been asked by her doctors to stop drinking her nightly tipple
The Queen has reportedly been asked by her doctors to stop drinking her nightly tipple

Tom, 65, then went on to say he was desperate to discuss things that were “of import but not presumptuous.”

He added: “I knew I was going to be sat next to her and so I wanted to be able to talk about things that were of import but not presumptuous.

“Then out of the corner of my eye I just saw this white gloved hand put between me and Her Majesty this glass of water. But it wasn’t in a water glass.

“It was a clear liquid and so I dared to ask the Queen, ‘and what is Your Majesty’s cocktail of choice?’, and she said, ‘ooh, martini!’.

“She had the one, that’s what she nursed throughout the course of the night, and I think, well, she’s had a wonderful reign so maybe if I were to polish up my game a bit I’ll start to drink martinis.”

So we all know what drink to raise this weekend to mark the Queen’s 70 years in the throne!

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