Tips on how to lower your electricity bill during the extreme heat

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – As the extreme temperatures continue to rise the rest of the week, air conditioners and fans will be working overtime. That means extra demand on the power grid and higher charges on your electric bill. 

Eversource says customers, on average, use 35% more energy during the summer months.  

“I worry about how high my bill can get because of the air conditioning, it can really increase,” said Braheem Wahid from Meriden. 

With temperatures in the 90s this week, ACs will be blasting. But setting your temperature lower will wind up costing you more. 

Eversource has tips to lower your electric bill: 

  • Keep air conditioners set at a moderate temperature. For every degree higher on your thermostat, your AC will use 1-3 percent less electricity.
  • Keep blinds closed to prevent unwanted heat from entering your home.
  • Set ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise which will create a cooling, wind chill effect.
  • Cook dinner outside, as cooking heats up the kitchen.
  • Use a clothesline. Dryers need to produce a lot of heat to dry clothes. This heat can become a problem during the summer. If possible, use a clothesline and let the sun do the drying for you.

“Remember, fans cool people, they don’t cool the room. So when you leave the room, shut off the fan so you’re not wasting energy there,” said Tricia Modifica, Spokesperson for Eversource. 

Modifica says the extra electricity usage can put a strain on their system. Crews prepare year-round for weather events. 

“We inspect our lines from the air, from the ground to check for any problems we can address in advance to make sure customers don’t have interrupted service during the hot, hot summer days,” she said. 

Crews are on standby in case of a power outage. 

“We have crews scheduled around the clock and they’re ready to respond if any repairs are necessary and get their power back right away because no one wants to be without power during these hot days.” 

Eversource says you can check your account online to see your exact electricity usage. 

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