Stacey Solomon in tears over son’s comment as they sit in huge soon-to-be pool

Stacey Solomon was stunned after her son’s comment about their soon to be pool.

The Loose Women star moved into her forever home, sweetly named Pickle Cottage, last March.

She recently marked one year in her Tudor-style home, reportedly worth £1.2million, located in Essex, spoke about she suffers from ‘imposter syndrome’.

Stacey, 32, shares Pickle Cottage with her fiance Joe Swash, their baby daughter Rose, son Rex and Stacey’s two older children Zachary, 14, and nine-year-old Leighton, from previous relationships.

As reported in Manchester Evening News, Stacey took to her Instagram Story with a snap that looked out onto the field outside the gates of their home as the sun began to set, with her children playing outside.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: “I don’t think I will ever not have imposter syndrome living here.” She then added with a crying face emoji: “Watching them playing in the field while the sun sets.”

Now it appears her son can’t quite believe their luck either as the family’s very own pool gets closer to being finished.

Stacey and Leighton were casting an eye over what will soon be their own pool
Stacey and Leighton were casting an eye over what will soon be their own pool

Stacey shared a look at the progress with her millions of social media followers on Saturday as she and Leighton got outside in the spring sunshine.

The 32-year-old video saw her pan around the shell of the pool as she and her middle son dangled their feet on the steps.

“Me and Leighton are just sitting in the pool, pretending it’s filled,” the mum-of-four is heard saying. “I’m literally so excited. I can’t believe we’re going to have a pool one day.”

Leighton is then heard saying: “How did this even happen,” as Stacey let out an emotion-filled giggle.

Stacey wrote: “Me and Leighton are just sitting in the pool pretending it’s filled and Leighton just casually making me cry. I think he’s trying to see if he can fill the pool with my tears.”

She then added: “4 more weeks and it’ll be done.”

She then revealed: “I’m going to surprise Leighton for his birthday I think,” before sharing a snap of the pair sat in the middle of what will soon be a huge pool of water and grinning up to the camera where they were previously sat.

“Your messages,” Stacey said with a crying emoji. Love you all so much. I’ll never take anything for granted and I will always be forever grateful.”

On Sunday (March 27) Stacey will be marking her first Mother’s Day with baby Rose, her first daughter who was born in October, on the day she turned 32.

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