Sky News studio evacuated during report from Ukraine leaving viewers concerned

Sky News studio was evacuated during a report from Ukraine as viewers expressed concern over what was going on.

The channel was covering the Russian invasion when a report by Mark Austin from Ukraine was taken off air just after 5pm and was changed to a subject about abortion.

Viewers wondered what was happening when that report was also pulled from the screen as a message appeared saying there was a ‘temporary fault’ on the channel.

Music played instead of the normal audio and the channel was effectively off air for around half an hour.

Mark Thompson explained what was going on at Sky News

A presenter eventually returned to the screen and told viewers: “We are so sorry about that, we had a little fire alarm here but we are all OK.”

Sky News journalist Mark Thompson tried to clarify to viewers what was going on through his social media.

He wrote: “Anyone confused why Sky News has just gone off air, we’ve had a fire alarm go off so now hanging out in the cold.”

He also showed off a photograph of a staff members queuing outside the building as they waited to find out what was going on.

Online viewers were alarmed by the sudden disappearance of the news.

Some thought it was sinister with one saying: “Where did @SkyNews go? Went live to #Ukraine & then something totally off topic? Hoping everyone is safe!”

Another added: “Why did Mark Austin get cut off abruptly and replaced with a programme about abortion?”

Someone else said: “Ayo sky what happened you hacked or did something happen and u had to cut off?”

And a fourth said: “WTF has happened on sky news suddenly cut off and a programme about abortions on.”

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