Scots Starstruck contestant who impersonated Justin Timberlake set to release new song

A Scots Starstruck contestant has revealed he had a great time on the ITV show – and judge Sheridan Smith even had a wee flirt with him.

Ryan Hunter, from Glasgow, appeared on the show tonight as American heartthrob Justin Timberlake.

Despite not making it through to the final, he reckons it was still a great experience.

The show, hosted by Olly Murs, is a reimagining of Stars in their Eyes which sees teams of singers performing as their favourite stars.

The 25-year-old, who is originally from Bishopbriggs but now resides in Newcastle, said he first came across the advert for the series during lockdown and decided to apply.

Ryan signed for boyband 4th State at 17, and always knew singing would be a huge part of his life.

He said: “One of my mates sent me the advert during lockdown and I decided just to go for it – it’ll be a laugh!

Ryan is releasing a single next month with his pal.

“Singing is my passion and I used to dress up as Michael Jackson as a kid.”

Ryan said that the audition process was done through Zoom so he had to answer questions whilst sitting in his living room.

Whilst he didn’t have Justin Timberlake as his frontrunner, when show bosses made him choose who he would be on the show, at the last minute he changed his mind from Michael Buble to the former NSYNC star.

After finding out he was successful and would be featured on the show last year, Ryan headed down to London to get his best JT glad-rags on.

Ryan with show judge Jason Manford

Ryan performed Rock Your Body alongside two other Justin Timberlake hopefuls and donned a cargo suit in true JT fashion.

But he admitted that he only had a short period of time to really master Justin.

He said: “I only had a short period of months to really embody the artist, it wasn’t too hard.”

Despite missing out on the spot in the final to Lionel Ritchie, who will perform in the last episode next week, Ryan admitted that getting comments from the judges was really cool and Sheridan Smith even flirted with him.

He said: “Adam Lambert said it was as if I had been on the stage for six years, which is a huge compliment from someone who is the frontman of Queen – and Sheridan Smith even flirted with me!”

Ryan impersonated Justin Timberlake on the show

But Ryan said it wasn’t the last we will see him as he’s actually set to release a song with former X Factor contestant Ryan Lawrie.

The duo will drop their single Daydream at the end of next month.

He also wanted to express that anyone can achieve their dreams.

He said: “I was in foster care when I was younger and I wanted to put out a message to say you can still achieve your dreams.

“I still followed my dreams , it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can do anything. ”

You can find out more about Ryan here.

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