Peter Andre devastated after thieves smash up car while he performed on stage

Peter Andre was left devastated last night after his car was smashed up by robbers who struck while he performed in his London west end theatre show.

The star is currently appearing in Grease The Musical at the city’s Dominion Theatre and his car was parked nearby while he was working.

When the dad-of-four finished his stint on stage, he was horrified by the state of his vehicle when he went to drive home.

Cruel thieves had ransacked the car, leaving nothing but a child’s car seat in the back.

Peter, 49, posted footage of the damage on Instagram this morning and issued an apology to any fans who were disappointed when he didn’t stop to chat to them outside the theatre door.

The heartbroken singer said: “So came out of the venue tonight at Grease and this is what happened.

“Someone smashed it, got all the stuff. Thankfully left my child seat there. Taken quite a few things. Oh.

“I felt really bad because people were coming up. I just couldn’t talk to them and said I had to go because of what’s happened.”

He added: “I know things could be a lot worse and there are bigger problems in the world but it’s still sad.

“And thankfully no one was hurt.”

Pete added alongside the video he shared: “So this happened last night :(((

“Sorry to all those that were coming up after the show and I couldn’t really talk and had to go. @greasewestend

I know things could be a lot worse and there are bigger problems in the world but it’s still sad. And thankfully no one was hurt. Thankfully only material things.”

Fans rushed to send well wishes to Pete, who is starring as Vince Fontaine in the stage show.

One said: “Karma will get them don’t worry.”

Another added: “What an awful shock. Sending hugs.”

Peter has opened up on being the victim of a brutal crime before, when he was robbed while he slept at his home in Australia three times in one night.

He wrote in his new! magazine column: “Our home was broken into three times in one night by the same people while we were asleep.

“They took jewellery and it was horrifying. You want to feel safe in your own home.

“Knowing someone has been in it, with an intent to take your things, and the fear of them possibly wanting to do worse, is horrible.”

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