Outlander producer Maril Davies ‘still has questions’ after Diana Gabaldon sent her last page of book 10

One of the showrunners behind the ever-popular Outlander TV series has revealed that author and creator Diana Gabaldon has shown her the last page of the last book.

Maril T Davis was speaking about the future of the hit show when she stated that she recently became one of the select few to have seen how Jamie and Claire Fraser’s story will end.

However, the executive producer admitted that she still has questions and is desperate to find out more about what will happen in book 10.

Speaking with Parade.com, Maril said: “I don’t know what she’s planning. She sent me the last page of the last book, but I feel like that’s not enough for me.

“I want to know what book 10 is going to be already. I still have questions, though.”

And she’s not the only one, with fans currently experiencing Droughtlander again after a shortened season 6, people have been clambering to find out whether we will get three more seasons after the seventh has finished filming.

With each book being given a corresponding season of the TV show, there are worries about whether Outlander will make it to season 10.

For now, though, fans will still be given the answers they seek about the future of Jamie and Claire – as well the answer to one of the most enduring mysteries of the series, Jamie’s Ghost – once Diana finishes the as-yet-unnamed book 10 which she is in the process of writing now.

With no release date for the follow-up to Got Tell The Bees (though it’s previously taken Diana about 4-5 years to write and publish each of the later books) Maril has moved to reassure fans she hopes to keep working on the project right through until it’s done.

She added: “It does make me pretty sad to think one day it will end because there’s no other show I have as much fun talking about.”

And with Maril already pushing hard for Starz to confirm season 8, it seems the future of the show is in safe hands.

Would you like Outlander to make it to 10 seasons? Let us know below.

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