Outlander fans react to episode four and say Malva is ‘trouble’

Outlander fans have expressed their concerns over Malva, branding her ” creepy ” and trouble for the future after she snooped around Jamie and Claire Fraser.

The latest episode of the time travelling Starz drama saw Malva, Tom Christie’s niece, trying to learn new skills from Claire.

After she is ‘put under’ by Claire she comments that it ‘feels like the devils’ work but at least no one is calling Claire a witch’.

Outlander's Jamie and Claire Fraser look concerned
Jamie and Claire Fraser will have to watch their backs

However fans felt she took things a step too far after she started flipping through Claire’s journal without asking and then spied on Claire and Jamie as they made love in the barn.

The last thing Outlander fans see is Malva creepily watching Jamie and Claire undress each other.

They now reckon Malva is up to no good and those who have read the books know exactly what is coming.

Those who haven’t however have seen Malva flirting with Ian previously, suggesting she could be led astray.

Or she might accuse Claire of witchcraft.

One fan said: “Malva really creeps me out. “

Another added: “Did anyone else yell, “STAY AWAY JAMIE” when he started talking to Malva?”

Someone else suggested: “Malva is too creepy. She needs to go.”

And another said: “Malva’s interest in medicine is starting to creep me out. There is something about her that I can’t quite put my finger on.”

While a fifth remarked: “With apprentices like Malva, who needs enemies? “

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