NSW Police officer braves surging floodwaters to rescue three people including a toddler

Emergency services were notified that three people were trapped in a car on a flooded causeway along Lyons Road, Bingleburra, around 9.30 this morning.

A police officer found the car submerged about five metres from dry land.

A police officer has rescued three people from a car stranded in floodwaters
A police officer has rescued three people from a car stranded in floodwaters. (NSW Police)

The officer used a rope as a safety line to dive into the floodwaters to reach the car.

”With the assistance of a 51-year-old woman – who was holding onto the outside of the vehicle – the senior constable pulled a four-year-old boy through the window of the car and brought him safely to land,” NSW Police said in a statement.

He then went back into the water to save the woman whose foot had become trapped by a rock.

”In order to rescue a 44-year-woman still inside the car, the officer used a winch attached to his police vehicle to stabilise the submerged car,” NSW Police said.

Three people rescued by police officer from car stuck in floodwaters in NSW Hunter region.
The car was stuck on a flooded causeway in Bingleburra. (NSW Police)

The brave officer then dived into the water for the third time to help the woman out of the car.

The two women and little boy were uninjured but were treated at the scene by paramedics for shock.

The police officer has been praised by his colleagues for his efforts and bravery in saving the trio.

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Major flood warnings are already in place with rainfall totals expected to exceed 100mm in some areas.

Authorities are pleading with residents not to drive across flooded roads as almost 50 rescues have already been carried out.

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