Nine unveils MPs ‘ticket to Cuba’ in election night coverage

It’s the ukulele strumming robot that may just come to haunt members of parliament forever.

Nine has unveiled its 2022 Federal election coverage gimmick, this year in the form of a robot that plays to the tune of April Sun in Cuba by 1970s rock band Dragon before whacking a picture of the MP off to Cuba.

It’s inspired by Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s impromptu ukulele performance at Kirribilli House, where he serenaded Karl Stefanovic for a 60 Minutes story.

Nine’s ukulele-strumming robot will punt away sitting MPs to Cuba. (Nine)
The robot joins a colourful history of election night send-offs, including the crusher, the gurgler, the shredder and the “Bish boot”. (Nine)

For keen electoral pundits, it’s another classic graphic in the all-time history of television coverage.

The tongue-in-cheek send off joins other colourful election nights that included appetising names such as the “crusher”, the “gurgler”, the “shark pool” and the “dead ducks”.

The Bish Boot.
The Bish Boot from 2019. (Nine)

“If you are going to be leaving politics, what better way to go out than to the soothing sounds of a ukulele,” said Nine anchor Peter Overton.

“Perhaps bathed in the warm ‘April Sun of Cuba’. Just take a look at this. If we Zoom in on our little robot friend there, you see him strumming in time with the song, looking quite relaxed about it all.

“Bags are packed, and on the conveyor belt.”

For some tonight, Dragon’s iconic song may just be a suggestion to get away from the cool harshness of Aussie politics.

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