News 8/ The Hill/ Emerson College poll shows what voters care about this election season

(WTNH) – A poll conducted by News 8/ The Hill/ Emerson College Polling polled 1,00 registered voters in Connecticut. On Wednesday, we brought you the results from the gubernatorial race, and on Thursday, we brought you the results of the U.S. Senate race.

For our last installment of poll results, News 8 asked the question of what do voters care about?

Results of the polling show a number of voters are really watching your pocketbooks and wallets. With high inflation and a rollercoaster stock market, money matters rule the day.

On the issue of abortion, the polling found the 34 percent of respondents support abortion in all cases with 23 percent saying it should only be legal in special cases including rape, incest, or the life of the mother is at risk, and 9 percent say abortion should be banned.

Drilling down into gender, more female respondents want abortion to be banned. The results show 11 percent of women compared to 7 percent of men want it banned. An equal percentage of men and women agree abortion should be legal.

Pollster Spencer Kimball says Connecticut Republicans want abortion to be banned with the caveats of rape, incest, or life of the mother at risk. Those exceptions are where a real difference among the U.S. Senate candidates comes into play.

For incumbent Richard Blumenthal, 15 percent of respondents want exceptions. For Republican-endorsed challenger, Themis Klarides, more than a third want exceptions. A quarter of Republicans say they think abortion should be legal in all cases.

In the race for governor, both Lamont and Stefanowski are pro-choice. Stefanowski would like girls under the age of 16 to have parental permission for an abortion except if rape or incest is involved. Lamont does not.

Will it be a big election issue? Our pollster says we will have to wait and see what the Supreme Court rules. If Roe v. Wade is found to be illegal, then Democrats have momentum heading into the polls.

What else do voters care about? The results show 48 percent care about economy, 11 percent healthcare, 8 percent COVID-19, 8 percent education, 7 percent housing, 6 percent crime, 3 percent immigration, and 10 percent care about other issues.

Democrats show strong concern for healthcare. Republicans and Independents are focused more on pocketbook issues.

The poll tackled some other key issues with some overwhelming results.

The poll also asked about age. President Joe Biden is the oldest president ever. He will be 80 this fall, and there are some members of the Congressional Delegation on the doorstep of 80.

The poll found 60 percent want an age limit. One-third believes the maximum age a politician can serve should be 70, while 17 percent say 75, and only 11 percent say it should 80 years old. The poll found that older voters are the ones in favor of age limits.

“There seems to be an appetite or least we might see it on the campaign trail, an argument to be made that folks are too old to do the job,” Kimball said.

Here is a look at the entire poll results:

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