Lorraine Kelly wants GMB’s Susanna Reid to become Prime Minister following Boris Johnson grilling

Lorraine Kelly joked Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid should be Prime Minister following her grilling interview of Boris Johnson.

The TV presenter’s comment comes off the back of the PM asking who Lorraine was moments before the the TV broadcast ended.

Susanna impressed viewers by holding Boris Johnson to account during her twenty minute segment with him on GMB.

Lorraine admitted she felt Boris was ‘hanging his head’ at some points and ‘didn’t quite know how to respond’ to some of the questions about the impact of government decision on human beings.

She told Susanna she felt that she herself should run for the title of Prime Minister after holding Boris to account.

Susanna Reid grilled the Prime Minister on GMB

She said: “It was a remarkable interview Susannah. Why don’t you just stay there and become chief advisor or even better Prime Minister yourself.”

Lorraine wasn’t the only one who praised Susanna after the interview.

Piers Morgan was impressed and tweeted: “Boris will be heading back to the fridge after that. Well done Susanna Reid.”

Susanna had drawn attention to the interview being the first time the PM had appeared in five years.

She quipped: ‘This is the interview we have waited 1791 days for, and couldn’t come at a better time.”

After Boris spoke to Susanna, the presenter had handed over to Lorraine and the Prime Minister looked baffled while asking who the Scots LK star was.

The moment sparked a frenzy on social media with Twitter users branding Johnstone ‘out of touch’.

One said: ““Who’s Lorraine?” #Boris failing the ultimate test of being in touch with the country on.”

Another said: “Boris Johnson ends excellent @susannareid100 interview by asking “who is Lorraine?” @reallorraine and there goes another 1.5 million votes.”

And someone else joked:”Classic comment from Boris. ‘Who’s Lorraine”.”

At the end of the show Lorraine addressed the PM’s gaff and said: “I love how he said:”Who’s Lorraine?” Why should he know who I am? He’s busy in the morning. He wouldn’t be watching us although he could learn a lot as you know.”

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