Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan blasted by fans for fat shaming Boris Johnson

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan has been blasted by fans for fat shaming Boris Johnson.

The ITV panel show had covered celebrity look a-likes on today’s show and moved onto a section on the current living costs in the UK.

As they chatted about a new drive into healthy eating and obesity, the panelists spoke about the possible government ban on promotional deals for junk food in the UK, which could be set to become a new law in supermarkets this October.

The ban could end up hitting households who need to buy in bulk for cheaper deals as a result of less money coming in, unemployment, having to living on a single household income or needing additional support.

Talking about Buy One Get One Free, Ruth said: “Who are the Government to say that you shouldn’t or can’t do that?”

Judi agreed: “I know the Government have a lot of their own treats.”

Ruth then said: “Of all the things happening, you want to scrap the buy-one-get-one-free offer?”

And Coleen added: “Which Boris looks like he has a lot of… buy-one-get-one-frees, let’s be honest.

Ruth agreed: “He doesn’t look like he has been on the healthy option.”

Coleen’s comment didn’t go unnoticed as viewers felt there was a degree of fat shaming involved.

One said: “Not Coleen Nolan fat-shaming Boris Johnson should really be ashamed of herself. @loosewomen all about empowering and supporting women but not men. Make it make sense.”

Another added: “Shocking fat shaming Boris…ifthat was a man saying that about a woman there would be uproar.”

Someone else said: “Would Coleen like it if Boris made fun of her weight on TV?

Don’t think so. #LooseWomen.”

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