List of Labor government ministers and cabinet: Who’s who in Anthony Albanese’s new federal cabinet?

After nine years in opposition, several Labor politicians are about to be a lot more prominent as they step into new ministerial roles.

They’re the ministers who’ll be responsible for implementing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s campaign promises, from legislating an Indigenous Voice to Parliament to establishing a federal anti-corruption commission.

The new federal cabinet is a step up from the outgoing Coalition government in terms of female representation, from seven women to 10.

But it’s a step backward from the 11 women in Labor’s shadow cabinet and Senate leader Penny Wong (second from right) is the only woman with a parliamentary leadership role.

“I want to see us move towards 50/50 representation across all of the spectrum,” Albanese said, when asked about the change on Monday.

“I also want to see a parliament and a government that reflects the diversity that is there of the Australian people themselves.”

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