Letters, May 29: ‘Willing to give Danielle Smith another chance’

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Re: ‘NEW BLOOD’, letter, May 22. I do agree with most everything you stated George Ewert. But I do disagree with you, on your opinion of Danielle Smith. I do realize that she crossed the proverbial political floor, and historically I am very unforgiving of people who do this. But in her case, I want to be somewhat more lenient. When she was the leader of the Wildrose party, I did decide against her, by voting for Jim Prentice of the Conservatives. I do believe that Danielle Smith was punished enough by the outcome of her gambit, and in my opinion, it made her a better person, and is well-equipped to be our premier. When Smith was the talk radio host for CHQR, I did listen to her on an almost daily basis. Her common-sense approach impressed me, as well as her very respectable IQ. Despite all the threats against her from all the hate-mongers on the extreme left that she had to deal with, she unwaveringly stayed the course of righteousness. I thought it was very impressive. Marlaina Danielle Smith is more than well-equipped and qualified to lead the UCP, and thus the citizens of Alberta. In closing, I would like to persuade all Albertans not to vote for Brian Jean, as he has disaster written all over him. He now has been defeated several times. Any honourable politician would have quit a long time ago.
(Fun times in Alberta politics.)

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Just watched some store surveillance footage from past and recent convenient store robberies. The video/images shown were of such poor quality and so blurry, the involved opportunist could have been anyone. The quality and benefits of the monitor system makes me wonder why even have such a system. The robbers/participants could have been riding a horse, the video would not or could not rule this out. I shake my head as police, via the media, are reaching out for the public to help identify. The thieves are well aware of all this as well. Now go to the Ukraine war. The inexpensive and store-bought drones the military are using to aid them deliver a pristine and very sharp video and images of the Ukraine countryside, showing any or all Russian presence, movements, equipment and fortifications. From hundreds of meters overhead. So why such a difference? In one case we have the poorest of the worst, the other the best of and inexpensive camera. I do not think exorbitant video installs costs are the underlining issue here. So what is the real story here.
(Surveillance footage often leaves a lot to be desired. And you can bet the cost to upgrade is prohibitive. Unless you are a city councillor, of course.)

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Some time ago I saw an ad on the starboard side of a Calgary Transit bus. The ad was paid for by the Alberta Teachers Association (ATA). The ad bemoaned private or charter schools. There are only a handful of schools in Alberta that are private, receive no government funding, and most of those are seminaries or religious schools. Any school in Alberta that receives public money (your taxes) is a public school. Regardless if the school is fully funded or partial funded by the province. It is by definition a public school. The ATA is using the old red tactic of class warfare. From what I have gleaned about semi-public schools is that they are not bounded by the dictates of local school boards and the teachers do not have to belong to the ATA. My question is: what’s the real reason?
(We’re tired of hearing about the ATA.)

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Nothing new at city hall. The current female Nenshi mayor and council follow the same script that Naheed Nenshi followed. Tell Calgary taxpayers it’s either A: New taxes and user fees, or B: Service cuts. Once they get their tax increases, guess what? The mayor and council members get a raise. Ineffective managers get a bonus, all thanks to the taxpayer ATM. Mayor says on 5% tax increase, city taxpayers can afford this? If I ran my home budget that way, I would be broke within a year. No problems, after COVID, highest inflation in years, new carbon taxes. Taxpayers can decide between food for their family or paying the bills. Meeting with Ward 7 councillor on Saturday. He said council can not force city managers to be more effective, they can only make suggestions. The buck has to stop with someone. This mayor and council, like the previous ones, keep blaming the province or the feds. It is never their fault for cost overruns or ineffective spending. A councillor that allegedly committed fraud gets to finish his term and get his pension and bonus. Have not as yet heard how that criminal trial is going or if at all? And life goes on at city hall while taxpayers dance to pay the bills with no accountability. Sorry, every four years we can vote for more of the same.
(There is something deeply ingrained.)

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Quebec Bill 96, I do not understand Quebec. Did they not learn a lesson back in ’70s & ’80s at what it cost the province when big corporate companies pulled out. My family was affected by this, the company I worked for moved to Ontario, which left over 500 people without a job. My husband’s company moved their shops to Calgary and two years later corporate head office also moved to Calgary. There were many, many companies that moved out of the province. I laugh as Montreal wants to bring back the Expos. How would they handle the French language. The Quebec government is ruining a beautiful province.
(We’ll take the jobs and head offices.)

Re: Police union grudgingly tells members to remove thin blue line patches. The current Calgary police commission need to “woke-up” immediately. This 12-member body have absolutely no comprehension or understanding of the significance behind the blue line patch, worn by CPS members. Talk about a group of men and women who are well-read on police matters in the city of Calgary? They may be well-educated with their framed university degrees and years of excellence in their respective professions, but they are basically bankrupted when it comes to possessing basic information on the functionality of the Calgary Police Services in 2022. And based on this warped mindset of the infamous woke culture, let’s hope we can still be allowed to wear the poppy on Remembrance Day this November and for many more Novembers yet to come.
(Just try messing with the poppy.)

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Well, here we sit. Quebec has passed another, racist law.(Bill 96) What does the rest of Canada do? Nothing. If any other province did this, our PM would attack us as racist. What does our federal government do, we will check/fight this. No way that ass-kissing PM will do anything. Maybe it’s about time we ask the rest of Canada if we want Quebec to stay in Confederation. I want this great country to stay the same. But we can not continue to be held hostage to Quebec. The Americans surely won’t let Quebec dictate any of Quebec demands. So why us? We have a weak government, or one that is controlled by Quebec. Justin Trudeau has said on French radio that only French politicians are capable of running Canada. So, we deserve what we get. Ont./QC voters are stupid, but they get money allowing corruption in government. They will continue to vote Liberal. God help us.
(Yep, Quebec does as it pleases.)

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A few days ago, a letter was sent in to the Sun, whoever wrote it was lamenting the fact that the city was considering an area for a “reconciliation” site. The writer thought that the money involved would be much better spent fixing potholes! The editor’s snarky comment lacked any thought of common sense! I agree fully with the writer, driving is more than distracting on these poor excuses for roads and streets, it is dangerous! One sees many veering , braking, etc. to avoid destroying their suspension! To add to this are the many manhole covers that are plus or minus three to four inches beyond grade level. There is one particular one on Symons Valley Parkway, just west of the shopping centre (going west) that is truly the champion, positively dangerous. I have seen cars nearly losing control when they unwittingly hit this mini-volcano, especially when it’s a bit icy! There seems to be a manhole cover every 100 ft. or so right in the driving lanes! Why? Do not the paving crews require a lesson in “grade levels 101” before they set out on the trail of “crash-bang” Doesn’t anyone from the city ever inspect this work? I live in the northwest, a relatively new area, and it is as bad as anywhere! As for calling your councillor or the city, forget it, stonewalling is the game!
(We all know reconciliation doesn’t have to be at the expense of fixing the roads.)

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For those writing in about how U.S. gun laws will never change, etc., I’ve got some news for you: 90% of Americans support background checks. A majority support other laws enforcing responsible gun ownership. It isn’t the Bill of Rights blocking common sense. It’s the greed of the gun industry. The lobby buys legislators who bypass the public at large to make it easier and easier to own, carry and use a gun — any type — indiscriminately. (In Texas, the last public vote on carrying guns was voted down in the ’60s. Hasn’t gone directly to the public since.) These ‘laws’ lead to random, unwarranted violence, which leads to people getting scared and buying guns, which a) makes gun manufacturers rich and able to buy more power and b) push us that much closer to an anarchy where everyone will need a gun. There’s a paranoid minority in every country. The gun lobby has latched on to these guys to push their agenda by making a lot of noise they can hide behind. It didn’t happen overnight. It started in the ’70s and has methodically devolved. Moms Demand Action and other groups have only been pushing back for 10 years. We aren’t stopping. There’s a lot of brainwashing to overcome that led to black and white thinking. For instance, taking even one step away from the anarchy being pushed on the public is automatically ‘take all our guns away!’ I can see the early seeds being planted in Canada. Think it can’t happen here? I didn’t think it’d happen in the U.S. because literally the majority oppose obvious stupidity. But look where they are. We’re fighting back.
(The people aren’t calling the shots.)

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