Letters, May 22: ‘High costs are here to stay with Trudeau-Singh alliance’

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Between Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh, and the Russian/Ukraine war, $3/litre gas will become reality And T&S will love this. More tax, more income, more to spend. Plenty more to waste. It is no secret the federal government is “short on funds” these days and needs to borrow, borrow, borrow. Like a drunken sailor on a three-day shore leave comes to mind. Trudeau, now known as Trudeau-Singh, still need to spend in any way needed to keep what they believe to be their own popularity. When the next election rolls around, Canada will see money spent and promised that will make all other previous spending equal to minor pocket change. So expect the debt Canada currently lives under will exceed $2 trillion, by then. Getting back to Ukraine, this is a convenient and excellent event with timing as an excuse for fuel prices to increase without any political blame or responsibility towards Trudeau. And if the war was over tomorrow, do not expect prices to drop, or return to some level of normalcy. The CT will be with us as long as Trudeau is around. Now proven to be a cash grab, the Liberals will do whatever it takes to keep it, even possibly Canada will see semi-annual increases of the CT. Keep voting Liberal, Eastern Canada does, cause they love Trudeau, but now have to share that love and give some to Singh.
(Our fearless leaders.)

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I voted UPC. When they won they became my employee. They got my vote, Jason Kenney got my vote, on his policies and I liked him. I will never and have never voted NDP because when Rachel Notley got in she immediately went after our three biggest industries, agriculture, oil and gas, and small businesses. She topped off my dislike for her when she appeared at oil rigs with a hard hat on when she realized she needed them to get re-elected after promising to shut our energy down. But back to the UCP and Kenney, as I said at the start when I vote for you and you get in, you’re my employee and when I need my employee most and he goes on holiday, when my business needs help during COVID, and you ignore me, when I need surgery and wait two years for it, when beds fill up, when you can’t get an ambulance because your employee doesn’t listen … you fire that employee. I will never vote NDP because they destroyed Alberta without a pandemic but I certainly won’t vote for someone that’s let me down just because there’s no one else to vote for! You need to earn my vote! I will consider voting UCP again if Kenney isn’t the leader of the party. He’s been terrible.
(Enjoy the long goodbye.)

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Alberta is a year from a provincial election, so I have been peeking in on the Ontario election. Recent polls in Ontario have shown the top voter concerns to be health care, the rising cost of living, housing, the economy, the environment and education. The category of the ‘environment’ catches my eye. Note that it doesn’t say climate change, so the category could be a catch-all for everything from climate issues to dandelion control. Environment finished a distant fifth, with only 8% of those polled choosing it. So, the voters of Ontario are more concerned with immediate health and economic issues. And it isn’t even close. I reckon that when your paycheque is stretched to the breaking point, and you are only a few days from insolvency, a degree or two of climate change isn’t a priority? Oh, just out of curiosity, has anyone any idea what Greta Thunberg is up to these days?
(Climate is a constant concern given the world’s obsession.)

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So Jason Kenney resigns, as he should. Now the fun begins. I’m sure Brian Jean, a proven loser, will throw his hat into the ring. Danielle Smith, a very smart lady with terrible political judgment, is a distinct possibility. The rural, anti-vaxxers will surely put forward a candidate from the rebel posse. Maybe Drew Barnes will put his money where his mouth is. However, I sincerely doubt any new leader can beat Rachel Notley, given the COVID saga. Now post-May 2023, Alberta will be in the hands of the economic ignoramus socialist horde. We can expect hefty raises and enhanced pensions for health-care workers and teachers, every dollar coming in the door from high oil prices will be spent, more money will be borrowed at increasing interest rates, the power of the AUPE to gouge the Alberta taxpayer will be amplified, corporate taxes will be increased in line with NDP ideology, more parts of the Alberta economy will be handed over to big unions and every harebrained lefty scheme will be brought forward. And don’t forget the co-PM, Jagmeet Singh will be whispering in Notley’s ear, “spend, spend, spend.” And I expect the new NDP minister of finance will be the renowned roller derby player replacing old, tired Joe Ceci. Alberta thy goose is on the BBQ.
(So we have that to look forward to, not to mention the reappearance of old ‘green shoots’.)

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Re: ‘EMPTY PARTY’, letter, May 17. I hear and read in the Canadian mainstream media how well positioned the NDP is to win the next election in Alberta. Nothing could be further from the truth. To the contrary, the NDP and its leadership know very well the trouble they’re in. That is exactly why they spread all these false promises (lies) for all the good things they would do for Albertans. Most of their projections are not achievable to begin with. They will with certainty destroy our oil and gas industry, whatever is left of it. Do not forget that the NDP is the party that has sold us out to the labour unions from 2015 until 2019. In this time frame, they added $59 billion to our debt, and this without having to deal with COVID-10 pandemic for one lousy day. I shudder at the thought of having had them in power during the SARS-CoV-2 health crisis. If they are re-elected they will do the very same thing as they did in their four years of incumbency; spend, spend and spend some more.
(Just say no to the socialist horde.)

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I’m not very popular when I’m out driving my car. I do the posted speed limit because it’s my understanding that it’s the law, and why else did they make all those speed limit signs? I’ll let up on the gas if I see the light ahead turn red. I get people throttling past me to get to that red light? People will go to great effort to get in front of me in order to be 25 ft. closer to home at a red light! I drive in what is considered the slow lane. Slow lane? I’m doing the speed limit, everybody else is speeding. I was the passenger in a friend’s car a while ago, he did eight lane changes in a 25-minute car ride, cutting in and out of traffic just inches off of people’s back bumper. Very scary! I can drive to Edmonton and make maybe one lane change. Everyone is in such a hurry to shave a few milliseconds off of their trip. I’ve been on Deerfoot and I thought I was in a video game, lots of people changing lanes, speeding along. Why?
(Places to go, people to see.)

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The tragic event that claimed the life of Angel McKenzie recently has raised an important issue. The vehicle that struck her driven by Mr. Amer was stolen. This is yet another example of how there is a lack of importance put on the scourge of stolen vehicles in this city. It boggles my mind that more can’t be done. Park illegally on any street downtown or in the beltline and the parking authority will issue you a ticket within minutes. Go through any of the numerous red light intersections when you are not supposed to and bingo, you get a ticket. Speed past a Multanova camera car on any major roadway and boom, you’re ticketed. All these systems are based on a camera taking a picture of your licence plate. How hard can it be to add a stolen vehicle database into the system? At the very least it would tell police the location and description of a stolen vehicle at a given time and if a cruiser is in the area, the culprit could be apprehended in a more timely manner and perhaps prevent it from being used in a more serious crime. I have had a couple of vehicles stolen over the years. One sat on a street in northwest Calgary for eight months and was only found after a nearby company decided to try the doors, it was unlocked, and got my name from the registration in the glove box! If a police cruiser had the same technology as the smart cars used by the Calgary Parking Authority, it would have been found a lot quicker and with little effort. In my opinion, it’s high time vehicle theft was taken more serious by law enforcement and not just shrugged of as property theft like someone stealing a lawn mower from your backyard.
(We’d bet you dollars to doughnuts our police force is as frustrated as you are. The fact car thieves are back on the streets shortly after they are caught is tough to take.)

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I read that the city wants to memorialize a former residential school site beside the wastewater treatment near Bonnybrook. They want to place a piece of public artwork there. I’m sorry, but I think Canada and Canadian taxpayers have spent too much on this reconciliation already. To create a place and artwork will be another half a million or more money of Calgarians’ tax dollars when you can’t even drive almost any road in Calgary without dodging potholes. How about doing the potholes and city safety, LRT and downtown safety first. These are immediate issues, not wasting our tax dollars again on virtue signalling. Nothing at all against the Indigenous people. The village idiots we have running this city are nothing less than amazing and not in a good way, save a couple of them.
(Do we want really to single out acts of reconciliation for cost savings? What kind of message does that send?)

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Re: Rick Bell: What the hell? Kenney is sticking around until God knows when. The carton of milk has expired. It’s time to remove it from the fridge immediately. Nobody is going to drink this milk, therefore why keep it in the fridge until a new carton is purchased?
(Seems someone’s having trouble letting go.)


Jason Kenney did more for our province than Rachel Notley has and will never do. He dug us out of a hole while fighting an unexpected pandemic. She put us into a hole while sucking up to the Liberals and to unions. She, nor the NDP, should never be our leader, or the party never be our government again! Nor should Brian Jean or Danielle Smith lead the UCP. They need someone fresh, without old views, someone who can lead this province and this nation out of the failures for which we seem to be destined, largely because of our PM.
(We have no interest in seeing an NDP government again.)

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While channel surfing after the Colorado game last night, I came across the CBC’s At Issue with Rosie Barton and her panel of the usual four guests. They were of course talking about Alberta politics and how Jason Kenney’s resignation will affect the national conservative leadership race. Every effort was being made to point out the negatives and how conservatives are so divided and I can’t really argue with that. However, when Althia Raj of the Liberal-friendly Toronto Star was asked about Kenney’s downfall, part of her answer centered on Kenney wanting to open up in time for the Stampede and this mistake undoubtedly cost lives. I think when talking about the pandemic, if you so choose you could point a finger at any Canadian premier or American governor as everyone was flying blind and mistakes that cost lives were made. If Althea had mentioned this instead of singling out Kenney, I could let it go but she chose not to. So at this point I have to bring up her buddy Justin Trudeau, who made massive mistakes and did his best to cover them up. Let’s not forget he put all our eggs into the CanSino basket and when the Chinese government told him to pound sand, he lied about it to Canadians for months. Did this cost lives? While he was telling us everything was on track, we were getting pushed further down the list for initial vaccine shipments. Did this cost lives? I think so.
(It wasn’t opening for summer that cost Kenney respect and support, it was his continued absence and lack of leadership when the plan went sideways. No one is forgetting about that anytime soon.)

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So the continued bloodshed from violent crime continues in our city. The almost daily occurrence of murder, violent mayhem, and armed assaults continue. Innocent Calgarians are the victims and our civic sense of order and civility is also under attack. Most recently a senior citizen receives a slashed neck and further assaults while riding the LRT. The spokesman for the CPS must feel like a sharp stone is under his tongue when speaking at the press release. This repeat criminal has a history of violently attacking people. Mental health, addictions, and homelessness are terrible realities but none of these excuse violent crime. It cannot be tolerated or it just gets worse. Not that long ago, this concept wasn’t that difficult to agree upon. The CPS spokesperson says random attacks are impossible to predict. Let this criminal go again and I think we can all predict the future outcome. Why can’t he? There is only one way to “balance public safety” with supporting “vulnerable” members of our communities. Help those in need when possible but when it comes to violent criminals, get them off the streets pronto, and keep them off. In all these instances, the vulnerable members of society are actually the unsuspecting victims. Along with Acting Sup. Todd’s kind thoughts for the victim and residents, I think we the citizens really want law, order and safety from violent criminals as a must need from the CPS, and kindness as a nice to have once the former has been accomplished.
(CPS is between a rock and hard place with all the criticism policing is receiving from the lenient left. And don’t forget the justive system’s role in this.)

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