Letters, March 27: ‘Jason Kenney has done the best job on COVID’

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Rick Bell’s hate for Jason Kenney shines through with each (column). I feel strongly that Jason Kenney has done the best job of anyone in Canada during this pandemic. Yes he made some mistakes, but he kept people working and allowed business owners to keep people and themselves working. Look at what the many lockdowns did in Ontario and Quebec. A lot of businessmen lost out and people lost their jobs, homes, etc. It’s easy to criticize people in a position of power but have no answers of your own, Mr. Bell. Don’t come to the table to just whine, have some solutions. As far as Brian Jean goes, he lost the UCP leadership and whined all the way back home. Now he comes back to save the UCP? What a joke. He showed his true colours by leaving the party and has no credibility to come back and be the so called saviour of the party. You just keep on whining Rick Bell, you’re great at it.
(Guessing we must be imagining this leadership review and every other criticism of Jason Kenney.)

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Keeping Alberta strong and free? On April 9, the UCP will be holding a leadership confidence vote. Since the goal is to position the party to win the next election, and that election will be a competition between the UCP and the NDP, it may be helpful to recall what Brian Jean and Jason Kenney’s past performance has been when going head to head with Rachel Notley. In the 2015 leader’s debate, Notley bested Jean by 44% to 16% (Mainstreet Research poll) — clearly the NDP won that debate, and then went on to win the election. At the 2019 leader’s debate, Jason Kenney led Notley by 30% to 23% (Vote Compass poll) — a win for the UCP, who also won the election. Leadership debates aren’t the only factor in winning an election — but the leader’s ability to communicate persuasively, which is what the debate is all about, is significantly important. In effectiveness of communications, Kenney has shown himself to be superior to Jean where it counts: in positioning to win against the opposing side in an election. So, when considering which way to vote, hopefully (people) will think about how best to win the election rather than the emotion in the heat of the moment.
(May the best man for Alberta win.)

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Isn’t it wonderful that our elite actors are at it again. With the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against the banning of Russian oil; you’d think that people like Mark Ruffalo and his rich movie star friends would think of something better to do than interfere with the energy projects in Canada. Instead of penning a letter to RBC to squash the pipeline in B.C., why don’t they write a letter to their president to renew the KXL project. That would make more sense. That way the U.S. could import more oil from an ethical country like Canada, instead of getting in deeper with the likes of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela. Do they support bringing in more oil from these unethical countries? Why are these people so interested in what is going on here in Canada? Don’t they have plenty of issues that they could work on in their own part of the world? Also, if they are so concerned about the climate issues; they might consider flying less or getting rid of private planes and yachts. Bottom line, these celebrities should stay out of Canada’s business and worry about fixing their own country!
(He should concentrate on making better movies.)

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Let me see if I have this right. The city gets an injunction that is going to stop this stupid protesting every Saturday and stop the traffic problems caused by them. The police say they are going to crack down. I guess this injunction was only for the Beltline area as on Saturday, while I was waiting for the CTrain on 7 Ave, but at city hall, I saw all these police vehicles driving around with their lights on. When I look to see what was happening, I saw that the police were blocking traffic on Macleod Tr. and also at Centre St. on 8 Ave. So all these protesters that moved from the Beltline area could march down 8 Ave. (Stephen Avenue) and not have to follow the law and obey the walk signs. This just shows that the city and the police force do not have the courage to do anything that may upset the protesters. There were only six arrests when hundreds were going against the court order and blocking the traffic on Macleod Tr. and Centre St.
(Baby steps are better than no steps.)

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Jagmeet Singh has brokered a deal with Justin Trudeau to support him on whatever he proposes, in exchange for what Singh is after. The opposition has called this backdoor socialism, a false majority, and a power grab by J.T. History will describe Trudeau as the worst PM this country has ever known. Singh has forever linked himself to Trudeau as his conniving concubine.
(What a pair.)

Beltline protesters, your issues pale in comparison to the citizens of Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians have been displaced, thousands killed, cities destroyed and freedoms totally lost. Even Russian citizens have lost their freedom to protest. Protest the Ukraine invasion in Russia and you go to jail for 15 years. This is real oppression. Instead of protesting in the Beltline, go and protest in front of Russian consulates and the Russian embassy. Turn your energies to support Ukraine. No rocket has been fired and bombs dropped in Calgary. Count your blessings. Freedom and the protection of democracy is being fought in Ukraine. Repurpose your energy to support the humanitarian needs in Ukraine. Beltline protesters, you have the free will to solve your own problems and, yes, legally protest and assemble. Ukrainians have to flee their country and Russians go to jail if they protest the war. Put your problems in perspective.
(Thanks for bringing good old common sense to the table.)

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PM Justin Trudeau, after imposing the Emergencies Act, freezing bank accounts, arresting/jailing people, name calling etc., didn’t have the professionalism to address the crowd. Trudeau pranced around Europe and preached to the various governments there as if he is the Greek God of Democracy. I truly wonder what those listening to his hypocrisy were thinking. During his meeting with the German chancellor, he commits to helping them with energy, then in closing, he comments “after decarbonizing”. What an idiot, what do you suppose the chancellor said to himself? The European media is like the Canadian media, “ground feeders”. However, some outlets are bringing Trudeau’s hypocrisy and photo ops to the forefront. This guy’s incompetence and hypocrisy is beyond explanation within the English language. A “LINO” without a doubt, Liberal in Name Only.
(And he’s all ours!)

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I can’t wait to hear tough-talking Jagmeet Singh at the press conference likely coming today. His MO has been the same whenever he props up this group of losers. He’ll convince the not-so-bright Canadians that he will pull his support and force an election if the government does not follow the deal laid out for them. In the meantime, we as Canadians will be forced to live with this coalition of trough-feeding politicians. Everything this group is going to throw at us has to involve higher taxes, but of course that won’t be in the script. If anyone thinks that free dental, drugs, day care etc., etc., doesn’t cost money, they are the true morons. What about giving government employees 10 paid sick days a year? Trudeau just hired another 20,000 of them, so the math is mind boggling how much this will cost us and you can be sure every sick day will be used. I don’t know how this will play out with Canadians in general but hopefully the pushback will be vocal and immediate.
(As we have seen of late, many, many Canadians have had enough and will push back hard.)

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OK, kids! Let’s stop throwing the fear-mongering phrase ‘two-tiered system’ out there quite so often, eh! That’s for the NDP to fuss about in the health-care arena … arena! Oops, I meant area! If so called special interest schools are not to receive any public funding, then I guess that hundreds of thousands of students just might have to begin attending the public system … unless, of course, they are either Catholic, or Christian. In which case their buildings are well attended and publicly supported. There have been Christian, Muslim, and Jewish schools in operation for decades, so what’s the problem? Several large academies becoming vacant, simply because having morning prayer is not allowed in the public system, cannot be good for the future of Alberta. These students are either that, or tomorrow’s ditch digger! (No denigration meant upon construction workers. What would our city be like without you, eh?) My parents just used that to prompt better report cards! A simple solution might be to reduce tax reductions for educational expenses incurred by these super wealthy parents who have chosen to not subject their child to the public system, in which they were most likely brought up in.
(Choice in education matters.)

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Hey, John Hancock, what’s your beef with blue-collar workers wanting a pay raise? If you think rail workers at CP make too much, FYI, labourers get about $22 per hour, machinists about $39 per hour and rail yard traffic controllers about $52 per hour. CP Rail has a net worth of $74 billion with annual revenues of about $5.8 billion, so when the company makes billions, why shouldn’t the people doing the dirty work get a bigger piece of the pie? If you want to shine a light on grossly unfair wages, on April 1, MPs who do work directly for you, will get the biggest pay raise they’ve had in years, directly pegged to the rate of inflation. In the private sector, corporations produce products and services which create value. As the company bottom line increases, why shouldn’t wages? The workers are treading water like everyone else, so they’re telling their employer, treat us like we matter. When was the last time a politician created value, or better yet, treated you like you matter?
(The raise for MPs is disgusting but oh so typical as the rest of us try to fight this brutal inflation spike.)

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Obviously, when Peter MacKay was defence minister, no one explain to him the “organization of battle” of an army. Or what his army did when they were not deployed overseas. There are four combat arms in any army. Artillery, Armoured, Combat Engineers, and Infantry. An army requires all four arms to be capable of sustained combat operations, usually formed up in battle groups or larger brigades. So what does the military do when not deployed on operations? They don’t sit around. They train on their equipment constantly, so they can deploy on a moment’s notice. If Canada gave all of the artillery corps howitzers to Ukraine, as MacKay suggests, they would not be able to train and in effect would cease to exist and so would the Canadian army’s combat capability! Which leads to another of MacKay’s suggestions. Declaring Ukraine’s defence of equal importance as the defence of Canada. I served 24 years in the Canadian army. I’m 68 and if I were 10 years younger, I’d be fighting in Ukraine. And my family, like most, is from somewhere else. And we can and should do a lot more for Ukraine. But I am not a “something else/Canadian”. I am a Canadian period. And no matter where my family was from or how many are still there, the defence of no other country is as important as the defence of my country, Canada! I’m thankful Peter MacKay’s chance of ever leading the Canadian government is about the same as Vladimir Putin governing Ukraine.
(Not a fan, eh?)

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Hello, I am a senior citizen and have just found out that I will have to wait between four and six months to find out if I qualify for an Old Age Pension. I will get a Canada Pension of just over $500 but I will not get this until two months has passed. I would like to know why we Canadians who have contributed our entire lives are second-class citizens to this system. I would also like to know why on earth do I have to wait this long. I had a stroke a little over four years ago and have been living on AISH since then. I for the life of me cannot fathom how a country that advertises on television that we have over $500 billion saved away in our pension plan, but I am unable to get any of that. Within the next 11 days, I will have to leave the place I have called home for over four years and most likely move down into the Drop-In Centre. I was told by a worker at a government office that there was nothing he could do to help. I am at a total loss as to what to do. I keep seeing on the news that Canada is sending as much as possible to help the Ukrainian people, but are unable to help a Canadian person who has lived in this country their entire life.
(Call your MP and explain your situation. And best of luck.)

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Hardly a day goes by without someone adding another level to the Stupid Meter. I want to thank John Kerry for pointing out that nuclear war may have an adverse effect on climate. What is more amazing is that this man was ever in charge of anything.
(Career politician.)

Why doesn’t the mainstream media get the fact that the general population of Calgary or for that matter Alberta or Canada do not believe a word they say anymore. They Photoshop images, they rearrange words, they cast the common man down. I have never been so disgusted in my life. I’m truly thrilled at the thought of going to a protest. I will march with my friends, my fellow Calgarians. Mayor Jyoti Gondek, you are a shame.
(You do you.)

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Here are a few ideas that might help in organizing a contest to help choose a bird to represent Calgary. Firstly, the mayor could quietly approach the Calgary school boards and propose an art contest, by grade, to come up with either hand drawn or photos of birds. Above or below the picture could be a few words describing what the picture represents. The art teacher could decide the winner of the contest for each grade in the school. The winning pictures could be sent to the mayor who could distribute them to the city councillors based on which school is in which councillor’s district. The councillors could each choose their own winning picture or pictures. The winning pictures could then be forwarded to the mayor. I propose that the mayor should organize with the Children’s Hospital to have the kids in the hospital choose the overall winner. The child who came up with the winning picture could be recognized in a simple ceremony and receive a certificate recognizing their artistic contribution. This would be an excellent opportunity for the mayor to get some positive air time on TV. FYI, similar ideas have been around for a long time. Back in the 1950s we had art contests, using mostly drawings of Smoky the Bear, with captions such as, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” The above seems to me to be a graceful way for everyone associated with the Calgary bird flap, to turn it into a positive story.
(Or they could forget about trivial nonsense and do much, much better for all Calgarians.)

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I am somewhat bemused (and amused) by the recent flurry of letters concerning the selection of a bird to symbolize the City of Calgary. Setting aside the pros and cons of our civic council involvement, I would like to comment on my preference, the common magpie. Myself and my brother grew up in the foothills southwest of here and raised magpies as pets, along with the usual dogs and cats. Admittedly, they are gregarious by nature, but as birds go are highly intelligent, creative, thoughtful and over time, do develop distinct personalities. One could suggest these are attributes that many successful entrepreneurs possess. Their Australian cousins are held in much more reverence. My choice will no doubt not be favoured by a majority of Calgarians and that is understandable. Humanity is forcing/has forced countless animal species into extinction for a variety of reasons yet our venerable magpie has managed to adapt and prosper in spite of us.
(Magpies are absolute jerks, Flickers ruin houses and remain untouchable, and Blue Jays are rarely seen in most parts of Calgary. But all great choices, apparently.)

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Rachel Notley showed Alberta just how tight the NDP are with the Liberals when she first burdened Alberta with Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax a year earlier and at twice the required rate. Now in Ottawa, the Liberals and NDP have joined forces. Too bad this “plan to merge” was not shared with voters before the last election. I am sure voters would have been more careful and cautious when casting their vote. Now Canada has a new political party the NLP or New Liberal Party. Rachel is likely grinning from ear to ear. She no longer has to hide the known fact the two parties are in bed together, and have been for a long time. It is all out in the open now. Right, Rachel?
(Much to her detriment.)

Well, I do not think that we have to worry about Mark Ruffalo and all the other so called famous people trying to destroy our oil and gas industry as good old Justin Trudeau and his cronies are doing it for them. There goes one of the biggest sources of revenue for Canada and for all the Indigenous people who want to invest in it to pull themselves out of poverty that the federal government does not seem give a rat’s behind about. With the unholy alliance between them and the NDP, Canada will be so impoverished that I see no coming back for years, if ever. Unlimited spending and the green plan for what? I wish I knew what his end game is because he must have such a hatred for Canada that he wants to destroy it. Between him and the NDP, I fear that he will achieve his goal.
(As we said, Owe, Canada!)

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What now, Alberta? We are looking at least two years of Ottawa actively working to curtail our economy. No other province is singled out to the extent we are. Imagine if Quebec had levies imposed on hydro, or Ontario was limited in developing the auto industry. How can we fight this inequity? We need a premier that will fight every Ottawa grab, find ways to circumvent actions, use the notwithstanding clause where possible. Do we just roll over and take it or, do we fight every chance we have?
(Sometimes seems like we’re strangers in our own country.)

Alberta is just more than a week away from removing a 13-cent gas tax and Rachel Notley has not responded or commented in any way. So odd and strange the “queen of taxes” is so quiet. There is still time to respond, or is she waiting for after April 1 to react? Remember it was NDP Rachel who applied the very first carbon tax on Alberta a year earlier than required and at twice the rate. All this to appease Justin Trudeau. A pipeline was hoped for but the Liberals bought the project at three times its worth in the end anyway, with taxpayer dollars. Currently that same pipeline is grossly over budget and still far, far from completion. All and all, a complete disaster, and directed by the Liberals. But what can you expect from the federal government? Cost efficiency and cost effectiveness? Forget that. Now over to you, Rachel, what’s your beef/complaint about all this and with the UCP? Surely you have something to say …
(We really don’t want to hear it.)

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I am not Catholic; so excuse my entering the battlefield. The Pope speaks out about the atrocities that Vladimir Putin is committing on the Ukrainian people but only after most communication to the Russian Catholics cannot occur with Putin’s restrictions on free press. What took so long? His thoughts are important to 16% of the world’s population. Pope Francis is a religious leader and a world leader and is struggling to get the respect of his followers. He could have done better!
(Popes don’t stop wars.)

I do not understand why the UCP is trying to hold a convention in Red Deer with an estimated 10,000 people in attendance to vote on a leadership review. This will be a gong show with lineups out the door for hours. This is 2022, with everything online, so why don’t they have an online login for voting? Every member should have a membership number and login so you can vote from that platform. Don’t tell me security and cost is prohibiting. Everything from banking to your library card is online now, so voting online is a no brainer. Also, if you charge the voter $10 x 10,000 = $100,000 surely that’s enough to cover the cost.
(This story continues to evolve. Hang on.)

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