Letters, July 22: ‘These differing gas prices just don’t add up’

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Would like someone to explain to me how there can be a 28-cent difference in gas prices between Calgary and Edmonton. Regular gas at a Calgary Costco is $1.79/L and the Edmonton Costco is $1.57/L. Even at a regular gas station there is an 11-cent difference. The citizens of Calgary are being ripped off. People need to be outraged. The gas companies are making high profits here. This is no fair and it makes no sense.
(There will be hell to pay for any company gouging already hurting consumers. People are not happy.)

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Back in the early ’80s P.E.T. was PM, inflation was at an all-time high. Mortgage rates were astronomical (mine was something like 28%). Now with J.T. we are headed in the same direction. Like father, like son. Anyone who voted for J.T. should say, “Our Father who are in Heaven, forgive me for I have sinned …”
(Canadian royalty, don’t you know.)

All the “big guys” — Esso, Shell, PetroCan — are charging at least $1.81 per litre. Last night I went to the Tsuut’ina gas bar and paid $1.499 per litre or 32 cents per litre less. Buying 40 litres, I saved more than 12 dollars! (Costco would have been even cheaper if you’re a member.) The “big guys” should be held accountable for ripping us off.
(Totally your choice to do so.)

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This letter is to express my supreme frustrations with NATO. The thug of a Russian president and his internal goons are trying to justify the missile attack from one of their submarines in the Black Sea on a little village in Ukraine. They killed 23 innocent civilians, of which three were children. Real big tough guys. The Russians are firing missiles and heavy duty shells at the Ukrainians in an 8-1 ratio. Bombing everything in their way, leaving the towns and cities unliveable. My god, they are even bombing the wheat fields. So when is NATO going to step in and desecrate these Russian murderers? Forget about Putin’s threats of nuclear retaliation. When I was 13, Khrushchev threatened JFK over the Cuban crisis. JFK called his bluff and the Russians left with their missiles. Believe me, Putin’s intentions are to restore the U.S.S.R. and he will invade someone like Poland or Latvia next. It is really too bad the U.S. didn’t provide their HIMARS with the capability to hit Moscow and St. Petersburg. A taste of their own medicine would be fine with me. Go get them Ukraine. With friends like Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet, who needs enemies?
(Has the world forgotten about Ukraine?)

Seeing a picture of Justin Trudeau playing with children in the sand shows him right in his element. This man-child is mentally better suited around kids than around adults. People across the world are mocking him not only for his dumb ideas and comments but now for a dumber looking haircut. When are Canadians finally going to see what this ‘kid’ is made of — no substance and no care in the world for the plight of Canadians under his bloody awful leadership.
(Our fearless leader.)

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