Letters, Aug. 29: Homelessness is an endless cycle of despair

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Should ‘housing first’ be the main strategy to eliminate homelessness? was the Aug. 26th poll. It’s disappointing the majority said “No”, but not surprising since they have probably never been homeless. Without a home, you don’t have an address. Without an address, it’s extremely difficult to get a job. Without a job, it’s very likely you are going to end up homeless. That’s the cycle that needs to be broken, and it all starts with housing for the homeless.
(Housing the homeless can solve a wide array of issues.)

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Regarding the recent news article whereby arrests were made of a couple of people manufacturing handguns with 3-D printers. Nice that “Trudope” and crew banned the importation of handguns. This has now created new business opportunities for criminals in Canada. Thanks to the Liberals for helping the Canadian economy.
(You have to sympathize with the police in all this. What a difficult job.)

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Canada could be in a lot better position regarding rising costs if so many hadn’t been so supportive of all the government’s poor decisions. So if rising housing, food and energy costs go beyond your comfort zone, just look in the mirror and say, “I was part of that by supporting stupidity.”
(What if you voted for the other guy?)

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Re: “Bad health policy,” letter, Aug. 21. I would love to have a health-care spending account. This actually is the next best thing to transparency. I was always curious what all my operations and all my other medical procedures were invoiced, to the public purse. All my attempts to find out failed. You will not be able to acquire this information from our health-care system, as they deem it classified, and the cost excessive. I just love it that Danielle Smith is willing to introduce this kind of clarity to the public’s knowledge, in order to shine a light on our money-devouring health-care system. And yes, we desperately need a dual-track health-care system. We must be able to benchmark one system against the other to determine the quality of service that we are receiving from our health-care system. And I really do not care if the AUPE does not like it. There so many well-functioning, dual health-care system models in Europe. Let’s copy the best one. The projection that Alberta health care is free is illusory but the effects of such beliefs are devastating. As then, we all feed from the same health-care system trough, (symbolically) and the result is unrestrained voracity. So you see Mark Paterson, it is you who is naive and uncaring.
(Debating how the health care system works best and its costs would be a healthy exercise.)

Re: ‘They’re not supposed to be here’: Invasive crayfish found in Banff National Park. Could this be the start of Crustacean farms springing up in the province of Alberta now? Move over Betsy, looks like you’ve got some competition coming your way? And what about a new provincial bumper sticker … I Love Alberta Lobster.
(Pass the melted butter, please.)

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