Hours-long lines at Vancouver airport after staff shortages

Footage online shows hours-long lineups at Vancouver International Airport due to staffing shortages Sunday.

The airport is placing the blame on the long lines on security staff issues, saying “CATSA’s contracted security screening provider is experiencing a staffing shortage today.”

In videos shared with CityNews, lines can be seen winding through the airport, showing the long wait.

One Twitter user, Sandra, who was at the airport, tweeted “2 out of the 4 checkpoints are closed due staffing shortage. That line goes all the way to the Fairmont Hotel which is at the other end of the airport. Seems like CATSA employees are on a strike. No heads up from YVR.”

As of 1 p.m. on Saturday, wait times on the YVR website say waits are over an hour for some fliers, but reports online are saying it goes for longer.

The airport says that passengers are seeing “longer than normal lines at screening points” and are using their staff to try and keep people moving faster.

YVR wait times
(Photo credit: Vancouver International Airport)

Just over one week ago, Minster of Transport Omar Alghabra tweeted that they had hired more CATSA workers to deal with staffing shortages.

“CATSA screening officers are critical to ensuring Canada’s air transportation system is secure. Over 1,700 screening officers have been hired in recent months so that travellers can get through security screenings efficiently,” Alghabra said.

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