Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray apologises for Ukrainian millionaire who swore live on air

Good Morning Britain presenter Adil Ray had to apologise when a Ukrainian millionaire turned the air blue live on air.

Andrey Stavnitser was talking about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the “simple” decision he made to let Ukraine military bomb his house when he saw on his CCTV that Russian soldiers took over his property.

Kate Garraway had said to him: “You obviously have done well, you’re a successful businessman and many people in Ukraine who are now going through this absolute horror had successful lives before that they’ve had to watch be destroyed.

“There’s a lot of people for whom losing their home would be absolutely devastating – was it because you could afford to lose your home or was it just that you couldn’t bear to see it, tell us your position.”

Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray apologised to ITV viewers after a Ukrainian millionaire swore live on air
Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray apologised to ITV viewers after a Ukrainian millionaire swore live on air

Andrey said he wanted to help get the “b*******” out of his country and added: “It’s a very simple thing, if you had asked me two months ago what kind of feeling I would have if some, hostile military people were in my house, I would say fury and anger.

“However, this was not what I felt, I was surprised. I felt disgusted, I felt dirty you know looking at some guys walking inside my house, it was like an obvious decision.

“It’s not about money and all the effort I put into the house as I just finished building it, it was a beautiful house and I spent a lot of effort doing it.”

He added: “I want to do everything possible to help Ukraine win because I think we’re safe guarding Europe’s safety and it’s important for us to kick those b******* out of land, so it’s just a little piece that I could do and I could do it.”

Adil had to apologise for the swearing, saying: “We’ll just apologise for your choice of language there, but I think a lot of people will agree with your sentiment.”

Andrey agreed and Kate smiled and nodded too as Adil called him an “inspiration” alongside President Zelensky.

Andrey helped to build a Covid response headquarters in Odessa with the President to help distribute humanitarian aid across the country.

He said: “Most important things right now are medications… but also what is maybe more important right now is military support, because as I said we are very courageous and brave, however we are outnumbered and these guys are still a large army and we’re still a small country and a small military.

“I would like to thank Britain on behalf of all Ukrainian citizens for all their help and we actually kindly ask for more.”

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