Good Friday Letters, Online Only: ‘UCP leadership vote process hopelessly complicated’

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Well, the much awaited and maligned UCP mail-in ballot arrived Tuesday. The ballot is simple, no trickery, very large print that says, “Do you approve of the current leader, Yes or No.” The bad part is the procedure, that will cause some problems: Complete the ballot 1 and insert it into the ballot secrecy envelope 2 (seal the envelope). Sign the declaration form 3. An unsigned declaration form will result in a spoiled ballot. Photocopy one or more pieces of identification that provide your name and address. Insert the signed declaration form 3, the photo copy of your identification and the sealed ballot secrecy envelope 2 into the election return envelope 4 (seal the envelope). Mail the election return envelope 4. Must be received by 5 p.m. on May 11, 2022! You can’t make up this crap?
(Do you have to wear your special decoder ring, too?)

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I see Captain Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, our self-appointed defender of the environment, is at it again. Another tax. This time he’s tried to sneak through an additional one to four thousand dollars on pickup trucks/SUVs by burying it deep in some sort of long-winded report he hoped no one would read. Surprise, this one came out just before he raised the stupid carbon tax on April 1. I would presume in true Liberal fashion, this cost would be before the GST/PST is calculated, adding even more taxes he wants to collect. Ask yourselves, is it just a coincidence that people living in Western Canada prefer trucks and SUVs more than cars? As mentioned before about the old axiom of the frog in a pot of water, he just gave the old heat dial another twitch.
(He clearly thinks he’s saving the world from us.)

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Every time the Trudeau government (now Trudeau/Singh) publishes its new emissions targets, op/eds rightfully remind readers that previous governments have set emissions targets since the 1990s and none of these targets have come close to being met. It seems that the targets were never intended to be met, but were just meant to show how serious (?) each government was in their efforts to combat “global warming”. Clearly this is the case with the latest targets, because no matter how unpleasant and expensive the government makes life for Canadians, the “electrification” cannot be achieved without a massive move to nuclear power, which is not on the agenda. Less frequently brought to the reader’s attention is the failure of the “climate change lobby” to meet any of their dire predictions, such as Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, UN Environmental Program “entire nations could wiped off the earth by rising sea levels by year 2000”, and hundreds of similar threats, including the IPCC’s computer-generated climate models — none of which have come close to matching the actual empirical environmental data. As per recent updates from Calgary based Friends of Science Society, it appears that “global warming” has run its course and we are now heading towards “global cooling”. It is quite likely that scientists in countries such as China, Russia, India and others have realized this for some time. China, of course, is happy to sell batteries/wind turbines/solar panels for as long as we can pay for them, while burning coal to power their economy. Let’s take a “time out” on the climate emergency panic.
(Guess the carbon tax is working then.)

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I would like to ask every eligible voter in Canada to lend an ear to Pierre Poilievre. Regardless of your political affiliation, do yourself a favour and do it. Listen to him a couple times, then analyze and think about what you hear. There is a lot of common sense, right ideas on how to return Canada to a path of greatness and success. There is economical and political know how, a load of charisma, simply a perfect package. Basically, the total opposite of our current useless prime minister. But there are a few areas where he is just horrible (lucky for us). Unfortunately, those are the areas that a lot of younger Canadian voters got used to and got to like very much. Woke politics, posturing, freebies, socialistic, infeasible ideas, etc. You get the idea. Basically, Trudeau and his cohorts’ ways of doing business. It is time to look at Canada of today without rose- coloured glasses. Under clueless Trudeau and his Liberals, we are not doing good. The standard of living is declining, the cost of everything is skyrocketing, we are divided more than ever. It is time get Canada back on the road to prosperity. So, for all you voters, please think and look back on the last decade and see where politics and policies of people like Jagmeet Singh, Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley got us. These people definitely don’t have the best interest of Canada on their mind and it shows. We have to stop this downward spiral that Canada is experiencing. And it seems that Mr. Poilievre just might be the solution.
(We have years to go before anyone even gets the chance to change things.)

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Re: Rick Bell, Pierre Poilievre … what’s up with his crowds. No Conservative leadership candidate has ever had thousands at rallies in B.C., e.g. 3,000 in Kelowna, and 7,000 in Calgary. Pierre had massive Twitter followers before entering this race and many of these young people are turning up at his rallies. With many Canadians looking for someone to save the country from Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial style of governance, Canadians see Pierre as that person. His willingness to meet the ‘Freedom Convoy’, whereas Trudeau and most other politicians refused, got the attention of many. His populous message of individual freedom and doing away with Trudeau’s carbon taxes, wokeism, high inflation, vaccine mandates and divisive policies are certainly resonating. As a senior, I cannot remember any Canadian politician ever exciting a crowd as Pierre has been doing across Canada!
(Those not in favour of the status quo are looking for someone they can rally around.)

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I just heard about the $61- million relief fund that PM Justin Trudeau gave to media outlets prior to the last general election. I don’t recall reading it in any Postmedia publication. And now PM Trudeau is requiring the employees and employers in the media to have a licence. The media has to have its documentation and papers in order and in good standing to report on Trudeau and his government (better watch it Mr. Lilley, or your licence will be revoked). Rebel News, whether you like them or not, was denied a licence by the Liberal government. What’s chilling, not one media outlet or news organization has come out and denounced this heavy handed dictatorial action and suppression of free speech. By 2025, Canadians will only have Trudeau’s version of China’s state run paper Xinhua to read. When Trudeau claimed that he admires China’s basic dictatorship — he wasn’t kidding.
(It’s business as usual here, and that includes critiquing this government as warranted, which is a lot!)

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