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First date? Big meeting? Find out what this week has in store for you in our Gemini horoscope by Natasha Weber.

Welcome to news.com.au’s weekly horoscopes – here’s everything you need to know about what’s coming for you this week.

Week beginning May 8

Your sign is under the cosmic microscope, as Mercury your planetary ruler, hits the brakes to begin its notorious retrograde on Tuesday. But this time, the mischief-making planet rewinds through your sign, Gemini. While all the usual Mercury retrograde tips and tricks apply; back up your computer, don’t buy new tech devices and avoid signing contracts, you also get an opportunity to tie up a loose end. Treat this retrograde as your golden chance to address an unresolved issue once and for all.

Week beginning May 1

Mercury and Venus’ embrace makes you swoon, Gemini. The outside world may be in chaos, but you’re so loved up that life looks positively rosy. Single? Expect to meet a new love interest that sparks your intellect and hormones. Before someone can physically stimulate you, they need to arouse your mind, and this person defiantly does that! Couples see each other in a whole new light this week. And even if your relationship has been humming along nicely, a profound new appreciation for one another is possible. Carve out time to reconnect and tune into your sweetheart’s innermost thoughts.

Week beginning April 24

Pluto’s retrograde in your intimacy sphere persuades you to let down your walls, Gemini. But if trust issues are holding you back, consider doing some inner work to explore the root cause of your anxieties. Usually, you’re most comfortable in lighthearted settings, but this week’s stars see you craving more depth. Still, you must first know yourself before getting up close and personal with someone else. An intense and passionate connection has your name all over it, so strike superficial lovers off your list.

Week beginning April 17

Sunday’s full Moon inspires a beautiful work of art or a creative project to finally come to fruition. Have you been toiling hard behind the scenes to create a masterpiece, Gemini? Before you answer, know that artistry takes many forms. Your showpiece may be a business idea that requires you to think outside the square, a home renovation in your own unique style or even penning a thrilling novel. No matter how you’re expressing your creativity this week, La Luna insists on one thing; that all your ideas flow from a place of authenticity. Just be true to yourself.

Week beginning April 10

Work becomes your focus for two reasons; dynamic Mars catapults into your career zone, and mega planets Jupiter and Neptune make a rare alignment in the same space. Combine this celestial pair, and you get a powerful opportunity to shift your professional goalposts. Drained and depleted at the end of your workday? Then it’s time to take action! Sure, walking away from a job that puts clothes on your back and food on your table seems unrealistic. Yet, your siren song is calling, Gemini. Your answer lies in a finely tuned balance of both.

Week beginning April 3

Venus enters your career zone on Wednesday, elevating your status. Unsatisfied with how you’re perceived at work? Then make sure you present yourself in alignment with company values. Perhaps it’s time to splurge on a new professional wardrobe that reflects your leadership abilities? Or switch your image from demure to a wildly radical look that screams ‘creative genius.’ But, no matter how you choose to portray yourself on the outside, stay true to your authentic and beautiful inner self, Gemini.

Week beginning March 27

Lovers can be friends too, Gemini. In fact, the best romantic relationships often bloom out of friendship. When two minds meet as one, it’s powerful stuff! Because then you build on a solid foundation that includes respect, understanding and compassion. Basically, it helps if you like each other. Sexual chemistry is awesome and a vital component of a thriving relationship, but it can blur your judgement. Mercury recommends that you keep this in mind whether you’re committed or not.

Week beginning March 20

Intimacy goes way beyond skin deep, Gemini. But of course, you know that. Still, when your planetary ruler aligns with passionate Pluto on Saturday, you question what you find attractive in a mate. Welcome any doubts as an opportunity to dig deeper because the more you scratch the surface, the more intense your connection will grow. Even long-term couples can build on their relationship by probing for more. Don’t assume you know everything there is to know about your partner. And if you’re single, resist judging a book by its cover.

Week beginning March 13

This week sees you connecting with people in high places as the Sun and powerhouse Pluto ramp up your influence at work. Progress is assured if you keep your feet on the ground but avoid getting too caught up in the praise and acknowledgment. That said, big plans and projects are set to take off, so there is a lot to look forward to, provided you maintain a steady course toward your goals. You’ve worked hard, so enjoy the fruits of your labour. You deserve it, Gemini.

Week beginning March 6

Praise the stars! The zenith of your chart gets a helping hand this week, thanks to the Sun, Jupiter and brilliant Mercury. Generally speaking, this bodes well for your career as troublesome professional pursuits resolve, and you’re showered with praise for a job well done. But more than that, you feel as though you’re finally on the right path – one that’s headed towards your true north. As the excitement builds, your future becomes clearer and brighter. Yes, Gemini, you have every reason to expect great things.

Week beginning February 27

There’s a ton of planetary activity heating your erotic zone, Gemini. The question is, how should you channel all that pent up sexual tension? Naturally, if you’re coupled up, exploring a hidden fantasy or testing out a new kink with your partner is the way to go. But how can you satisfy your sexual appetite if you’re single? And trawling through countless dating profiles for a no-strings-attached romp between the sheets isn’t your vibe. If you tick that box, then self-satisfaction with a new toy gets your juices flowing – no one else required.

Week beginning February 20

How much of yourself should you invest, and where do you draw the line? Thanks to Jupiter and Pluto’s clash on Thursday, these questions ruminate inside your head. On the one hand, you desperately want a personal aspiration or a new relationship to fly, so much so that you’re willing to put blood, sweat and tears into it. Yet, on the other hand, you’re fed up, which makes throwing in the towel an attractive option. So, which of these extreme behaviours should you pursue? The answer is neither. Sit with things a while and watch as they miraculously work themselves out.

Week beginning February 13

This week sees you mixing it up with the big guns when the Sun shines in your career sector. Le Soleil lights up whatever it touches, so it’s a great week to energise your professional attitude and prospects. Not only that, but if you’ve been standing at a crossroad, unsure of which turn to take, the Sun illuminates the way forward. Foggy decisions become clearer, leaving you wondering why you didn’t see the solution in the first place – it’s so obvious now! Your commitment to your passion purpose has been tested – it’s time to be acknowledged.

Week beginning February 6

Female connections are highlighted, whether you’re painting the town red with a group of fabulous women or hitting career highs alongside your girl boss co-workers. On Wednesday, La Luna whips up a friendship frenzy, so expect a ton of invitations to land in your inbox. By week’s end, your social calendar will be brimming with exciting parties, networking events and dinner dates. Look out for one special invite that could be the start of something big. If you’re looking to forge new friendships, this week is full of sparkling possibilities.

Natasha Weber, PMAAAC, MAFA, is accredited by the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology and is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the Federation of Australian Astrologers and the Victorian Astrologer’s Association. Natasha is one of only six recipients to have received the prestigious AAAC Diploma for her significant contribution to Astrological research. | @astrotash

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