Fix the problem in hospitals to address Red Alerts in Edmonton

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The amount of red alerts in Edmonton caused by a lack of ambulances is appalling. This past winter when my wife broke her leg from a fall on ice, I drove her to the RAH emergency. The emergency bays had six ambulances and the driveway had three more all sitting doing nothing. Why were they there? They are instructed to stay with the patient until someone from the hospital takes charge of them. The problem isn’t a lack of ambulances or paramedics as much as a lack of hospital staff to attend to the patients so that the ambulance can go to the next priority call. AHS needs a red alert!

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(It’s an untenable situation.)


It is with both shock and sadness that the Edmonton Avaition Museum might have to move or be shut down. This building had been designated a historical landmark, and the Museum had a long- term lease with the city. This is one of the best hidden jewels in the city. I have worked as a volunteer, teaching Flight Theory to Grade 6 students. I have seen tremendous dedication of the volunteers who put in countless hours in restoring aircraft, and constantly improving the exhibits. I encourage all Edmontonians and tourists to visit this interactive and informative museum for all ages.


(It’s an important part of city history.)


How are displaced Ukrainians in Canada interpreting our news coverage of the war with Russia occurring in their homeland? On behalf of the few, who strongly believe that our country could be doing more in supporting your flight against fascism, sorry. We Canadians are slow. We’re short on leadership, what good ones we have, they’re burnt out, Chrystia Freeland and Melanie Jolie are resting. I wonder who in the Liberal party is going to step up? Conservatives, I hope to see more advocacy in question period by you — get your job done. Who is going to pick up the torch? Do we need to experience and feel our own Pearl Harbor before we take action and support Ukraine, just like we did for our allies in both world wars? C’mon, Canada, we can be better, it’s time to leave our self pity and perceived loss of freedoms behind and focus on others who need, not only our moral and financial support, but our long term loyalty — now. Our guests are wondering what type of people we are.

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(Do we actually think Canadian troops are prepared and equipped to go to war? We very much doubt it.)


OK, we are getting a carbon tax rebate. However, one spouse gets one cheque for a higher amount. Then the second spouse gets less. Say both make the same amount with the same deductions? How are they exactly determining who is Spouse 1. This brings me back to Justin Trudeau saying he is all for spousal equality. Bottom line, I think we need a committee to investigate, analyze and ignore. Plus spend lots of our taxpayers money. If my sarcasm isn’t apparent.


(Enjoy your rebate.)

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