Fans slam Katie Price for ‘photoshopping’ picture of son Harvey on his 20th birthday

Fans have slammed Katie Price for allegedly “photoshopping” a picture of her son Harvey on his birthday.

On Friday, May 27, Harvey – who was born with septo-optic dysplasia, Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and a learning disability – turned 20.

His mum Katie took to Instagram and posted a sweet snap of her eldest son, reports the Mirror.

In the picture Harvey could be seen standing outside while his mum snapped up a storm to commemorate the moment.

Harvey Price turned 20 on Friday, May 27

In the caption Katie said: “My handsome son still can’t believe his 20.”

Although many of Katie’s fans wished Harvey a happy birthday and were positive about the post, some fans slammed the former glamour modelling mum for supposedly “photoshopping” the photo.

One eagle-eyed follower slammed Katie by commenting: “Editing your own son? Wow.”

Someone then asked: “How has he been edited?”

To which the original commenter replied: “His whole face has been edited and completely airbrushed. This looks nothing like Harvey.”

Katie has cared for Harvey for his whole life
Katie has cared for Harvey for his whole life

After more comments, the original commenter hit back: “I would never photoshop my child’s face to make him look totally different.

“Only filters to adjust the colours of the photo. Don’t be so ridiculous.

“Katie has clearly photoshopped Harvey, it looks nothing like him. She should be ashamed.”

Another then echoed: “HARV doesn’t need no filter he’s GORGEOUS HARV.”

While someone else said: “Blimey she’s even heavily filtering his pics now. Why can’t people show their natural looks on line. Such a sad world.”

Other fans of Katie were supportive of the celebratory birthday post and gushed over the “handsome” boy.

Katie gushed over her son on his birthday

One said: “He’s soooo handsome, happy birthday harvey.”

Another went on: “Happy 20th birthday Harvey. Have a fantastic day. Handsome lad and beautiful inside and out.”

“The most beautiful guy inside and out! Xx,” said a third.

While a fourth sweetly penned: “@katieprice you have done an amazing job bringing him up I don’t think many people truly understand how hard it is raising a child with autism especially on your own.”

Harvey’s parents are Katie – who has cared for him his entire life – and biological father Dwight Yorke, a retired footballer who has been estranged from his son for most of his life.

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