Easter Monday Letters, Online Only, April 18: ‘Does council even pay attention to Enmax’

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I think we can agree with Rolly Klaepatz’s letter about the excessive BS parasitic fees on our utility bills being out of control. So with electricity we have the energy charge, administration charge, delivery charge, distribution charge (isn’t this the same as delivery?), transmission charge (isn’t this the same as delivery?), balancing pool allocation (WTF?), rate riders, local access fee paid to Calgary, and utility deferral adjustment, and heaven forbid if there is a rate change during your billing period as there is then an additional administration fee! These are just the charges for the electricity portion of my bill. There are an addition 18 service fees on my bill in addition to the ones I mentioned above. Can you say gluttonous, fat, greedy pig? So what are our elected councillors doing about this? Where is consumer protection? Maybe it’s time the city sold off and privatized the fat, inefficient enterprise we know as Enmax. It’s time to get rid of all the BS parasitic fees or get rid of Enmax.
(Have not heard of one solitary councillor questioning any of this. Too busy with kids’ day at the fair to actually look into the benefits, or not, of taxpayers owning Enmax. Instead, dreamers and schemers just happy to bleed us dry for the next pet project. Step up for Calgarians, someone, you’ve already failed on transit and taxes.)

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Charlotte Shipp, representing the pork industry, denounced the UCP’s reintroduction of a bounty on wild boars in Alberta … Yet supplies no better, or more effective solutions. Right out of the Notley playbook! Apparently any form of UCP initiative is decried as pre-election politicking! Alberta remains as a ‘rat free’ province … well, so far … Well, NDPers …? New arena: It took how long for a committee to determine that Calgary taxpayers’ money should not be spent on an unwinnable lawsuit against a Quebec law? Small wonder then, that a committee shall sit until October before it even seems able to define the difference between its arse and a hole in the ground! New arenas in Vancouver and Edmonton shall likely be due for upgrades or renovations before any shovels hit the ground here in Cowtown! The opioid crisis: In my younger days, I’d spent many months in the Spy Hill Jail (and in Vancouver) for the simple possession of marijuana and/or hashish. I’d used LSD, methadone, experimented with cocaine and even indulged in the use of barbiturates … yet continued to smoke marijuana and hashish into my late 40s … which is when (after numerous attempts) I had finally quit smoking tobacco! Fearing that inhalation of smoke would act as a trigger, I had also quit smoking all that other nasty crap … which is now legal ! Perhaps I’d be a 72-year-old ‘pot head’ today had there been ‘safe consumption sites’ for the use of illicit drugs! The federal government has not supported Alberta-based oil pipelines such as TMX, except to declare “disappointment” upon Joe Biden’s cancellation of the Trump-approved project. Yet PM Justin Trudeau was front and centre opposing the Michigan governor’s move at cancellation of the upgrading of that pipeline, which supplied most of Eastern Canada with all the nasty crap that crude oil produces! But then, why use Canadian oil (especially if from Alberta) if you are heavily invested in foreign oil producers? Back home though: Ground-based pipelines from Alberta are denigrated till Hell hath no fury; yet Mr. Greenpeace Guilbeault (our federal environment minister) has given the go-ahead to more offshore oil drilling off the coast of Labrador! Isn’t that nearby where the Titanic was struck by an iceberg?
(Now that’s what we call an omnibus letter.)

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Dear Don Honeychurch. If the incredibly difficult task of putting a ballot in an envelope, putting that envelope into another envelope, as well as a signed form and a photocopy of your ID is too difficult for you, then perhaps you are not the best person to help decide who should lead the party.
(That’s snippy. And what, because others have done such a great job in the past?)

Re: John Hancock’s online letter, dated April 15. Based on the content of John’s letter, our prime minister in Ottawa doesn’t quite understand the concept, that two wrongs don’t make a right. On one side of coin, Trudeau is spending, spending and spending. While on the other side of the coin, he’s taxing everything that seems to move on Canadian soil, just to off-set his several financial blunders over the last seven years of his reign. As in geometry, the axiom of equivalence clearly doesn’t add up.
(And he’s all ours for another three years or so.)

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President Vladimir Putin is a liar and not a very good one. Russia’s invasion of eastern Ukraine to protect Russian separatists is pure bunk. If he is so concerned for their well-being, he could open the border for their emigration to Russia. Except, it is a lousy excuse to destroy Ukraine in this region and then Donbas will militarily be within Russia’s borders. This kind of Russian aggression is its style of diplomacy.
(The world recognizes what’s going on here.)

My compliant against Premier Jason Kenney is that he must think he’s still in Ottawa. The way in which Kenney addressed the pandemic means very little to me. Kenney was between the devil and deep blue sea. If he went too far or not far enough, people would gripe, but with regards to Alberta’s oil and gas sector, Premier Kenney’s hasn’t done anything except rattle a rusty sabre. It seems to me he is more intent to keep a good relationship with the central Canadian power structure and political establishment than fight for Alberta.
(He may never get the chance.)

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Well, if we look at the war in Ukraine, we see destruction of a country. Not seen since WW2, the dead civilians on the streets. And where is the help, from other countries? Sure we send them weapons and ammo. But no troops. They need well-armed/trained troops. Which Canada can not/will not supply. I see all those sanctions have not stopped the wholesale killing of women and the elderly. NATO is a group of scared countries. Our leader is sending arms and ammo. Where are we getting them? We have next to no defence industry to speak of. We buy most of our stuff from other countries (the U.S. is the main supplier). We can not supply our own military with war fighting kit. In closing, step up or stand down. Stop lying to the people. Admit we are broken.
(Canada is not known for its might. We punch above our weight when pushed, but …)

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