DENVER TICKET SCAM: ‘Tis the season,’ avoid event ticket scams

DENVER (KDVR) — Rockies baseball games, the Nuggets in the playoffs and concerts at Red Rocks have thousands buying tickets this weekend.

Consumer protection experts warn it is also a time to guard against ticket scams. StubHub tells the Problem Solvers, it is important to use legitimate businesses that offer a guarantee and provide a working customer service number.

Purchasing tickets for cash on the street comes with the risk of receiving a counterfeit pass.

One fan tells FOX31 his friend discovered he made an expensive mistake when he approached the box office after purchasing a ticket from a man selling them on the street.

“He went up to get in and they were like ‘this ticket’s not legit’ he’s like ‘what, I paid three-hundred dollars for this’” he said.

Tempted to post a picture of your ticket on social media? StubHub tells FOX31 that’s a great way to help scammers make a copy of it and sell it to someone else.

Using a credit card will provide extra protection and always check the seller’s terms and conditions for refunds.

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