Denise Van Outen ‘back in contact’ with ex Jay Kay after ending engagement to Eddie Boxshall

Denise Van Outen is reportedly back in contact with ex from over 20 years ago, Jay Kay.

Denise, 47, who recently broke up with ex fiance Eddie Boxshall after finding out he was unfaithful, was engaged to Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay 21 years ago.

The two called it quits on their engagement after 3 years in 2001, and Denise was the inspiration for his band’s hit single ‘Little L’ in the early noughties.

A source told The Sun : “Denise and Jay have been speaking again and it has been good for both of them to have that connection.”

Denise and Jay in 1999
Denise and Jay in 1999

The source added that their split was “very painful” but that a lot of time has passed since, reports The Mirror.

Denise revealed in her new autobiography that her cheating ex Eddie took her phone and blocked a woman he had been sexting, so she couldn’t tell her about his secret messages

She was left heartbroken as she dumped him in January after discovering he had been sending x-rated messages to other women behind her back.

“I quickly found the woman’s profile by her screen name, only to discover I’d previously blocked her on my Instagram account – which struck me as odd,” Denise penned in her new book A Bit Of Me: From Basildon To Broadway And Back.

Mum-of-one Denise continued: “This was a woman I didn’t know, who’d clearly had an online connection with my boyfriend.

“Why would I have blocked her from my Instagram account.

“Straight away, I unblocked her and sent her a message saying how she knew Eddie.

Denise had to change her book after splitting from Eddie
Denise had to change her book after splitting from Eddie

“She suggested that Eddie had probably gone into my phone and blocked her so she couldn’t message me.”

Denise also reveals how she began dating Jay, 52, after an incredibly flirty GQ interview.

“I’ve always loved an innuendo and some of mine weren’t exactly subtle,” she said.

“I remember Jay’s jaw falling open in shock at some of the things I said.”

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