Danniella Westbook engaged to secret prison boyfriend after behind bars proposal

Danniella Westbrook has revealed that she is set to get married to her secret fiance who is behind bars.

The former EastEnders star revealed her boyfriend asked her to marry him during a prison visit but said she wants to wait until he’s out of prison before the pair say ‘I do’.

The 48-year-old also boasted about her “big ring”, however, she said her man didn’t think it was big enough.

Danniella said: “I’ve got a big ring that was made for me, and I wore it into the jail and David said ‘it was lovely but it’s not big enough’ so there is a bigger one coming.

“He has asked me to marry him but I told him to wait until he gets home. He asks me all the time, he even asked me at the jail.

“He didn’t get down on one knee or anything but he’s like ‘we are getting married you know’.”

The former actress is hoping to tie the knot with 28-year-old David in the Maldives.

During an interview with Daily Star, she gushed about her other half and revealed they actually met years ago before he went to prison.

She wants to wed him when he gets out of prison
She wants to wed him when he gets out of prison

Danniella told the publication: “I’ve known him for years. I met him in 2017 out in Spain and when we were both living out there and we got together out there and it was a tumultuous relationship it was on off all the time.

“But we just stayed in touch and he went to jail early 2019 and he got 9 years 9 months. He’s home next year though, he’s got 11 months to go.”

She revealed her boyfriend had been arrested when they had split up, but they rekindled their romance while he was behind bars as she wrote letters to him.

Danniella admitted that it was “impossible” to have a physical relationship while her boyfriend was still in jail, but that they had thankfully consummated their relationship before he was jailed.

She added: “Yeah, it has been because we lived together in Marbella. I wouldn’t wait that long to see if he’s any good. Bloody hell.”

Comparing herself to late former co-star Barbara Windsor, she said: “Everyone has toyboys now, I’m just living the dream.”

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