Conn. DRS commissioner offers tax tips as deadline approaches

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Tax Day is normally April 15. This year, it is Monday, April 18.

That is because the District of Columbia has Emancipation Day Friday.

News 8 sat down with Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Mark Boughton for some last-minute tips.

He said you should file online.

“That’s the easiest way to do it, and it gets your refund back the quickest if we owe you that back,” Boughton said.

If you’re a “paid” professional preparer, you are now mandated to file online. 

The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) warns they have had to deal with fraud. If you get a refund protection letter, it means they are looking to verify that you are who you are.

“You are really protecting yourself because it could mean that somebody is using your identity to get your refund. So we hold the refund, we’ll ask for some documentation and then we’ll release it once we know that you are who you say you are,” Boughton said. “So don’t get upset if you get that letter. We’re just trying to protect your money.”

DRS held a once in a blue moon tax amnesty window. They collected more than $170 million from people who owed back taxes, far exceeding expectations.

“So over 14,000 taxpayers took advantage of that program to get right with the state. I’ve got one sitting on my desk right now for about 14 million that we’re trying to clean up,” Boughton said.

The state will not do another amnesty for a long time.

DRS expects to launch a new interface next year, making filing your taxes online even easier.

The deadline is fast approaching. If you have any more questions, you can ask the state tax department.

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