Conn. DPH commissioner to no longer mandate mask use in health care settings, homeless shelters

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Provisions of an order by the Connecticut Department of Public Health commissioner that require mask use in health care settings and homeless shelters will expire Friday.

The department and Commissioner Manisha Juthani announced Thursday that three executive/commissioner’s orders will be terminated at midnight Friday.

A current commissioner’s order requires the use of masks in the above settings. Though universal mask use in health care facilities will no longer be mandated by an order, it may still be required in certain health care settings.

Provisions of this order mandating the use of masks inside schools only if it is required by a school board or local authority will remain in effect until June 30.

The termination of Executive Order 14 D will end the modification of various provisions of the General Statues governing the licensure, permitting of health care professionals and supervision of various health care professionals.

The commissioner’s order authorizing alternative COVID-19 vaccine administrators will also be terminated. Professionals authorized under the order with the exception of dental hygienists can continue to administer COVID vaccines in accordance with declarations issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the federal PREP Act.

“We are in a far different place than we were in March 2020 thanks to the tools we have at our disposal including COVID-19 vaccines, boosters, state supported testing sites and the availability of self-tests,” Juthani said. “And while we are learning to live with this virus and when we should ramp up and ramp down with our preparedness, we are able to move on from these orders which served a very important purpose.”

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