Comedian Dave Chappelle attacked by ‘man with gun’ on stage in LA

Comedian Dave Chappelle kept the show going after being attacked by a man on stage in Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl.

A member of the audience rushed on stage and dived into Dave attempting to knock him to the ground in the shocking attack which was captured on video.

Footage sees Dave fight the man off before he ran behind the screen on stage to be surrounded by security.

David Chappelle was performing at the Netflix Is A Joke festival
David Chappelle was performing at the Netflix Is A Joke festival when the attack happened

The man was later seen to be detained by security.

After LAPD attended at 10:45 p.m. it was reported that the man had a gun and a knife and is now in custody.

Chris Rock who was also at the Netflix Is A Joke festival, later joked on stage with him: “Was that Will Smith?”

Dave, ever the trouper, continued with the show.

He said: “I don’t know if that was part of the show.

“I grabbed the back of that n****s head, his hair was spongy, absorbant.”

“Listen, I just want to say I’ve had an incredible time.”

Twitter was awash with comments about the attack.

Musician E5quire, wrote: “Dave Chappelle just got attacked on stage at #HollywoodBowl while making jokes. I’ve officially seen it all.”

Another person said: “I’m at this Dave Chappelle concert and tell me why some guy ran up in stage and tackled him.”

Others said the man was rushed and tackled by security and he was said to have an injured arm following the onslaught.

Los Angeles journalist Sharon Carpenter, told the PA news agency an attacker ‘lunged’ at the comedian as he closed the evening, sending him ‘flying in the air’.

She said: “It looked like someone was dashing across the stage from the side. It was a little hard to see because people were standing up at that point and leaving. But it looked like someone dashed from the side of the stage, lunged at Dave, and all I saw was Dave basically flying in the air.”

British comedian Jimmy Carr tweeted: “The Hollywood Bowl show with the legendary Dave Chappelle was crazy. Just happy everyone’s ok.”

Dave has made controversial comments in the past about the Trans community and in another short clip from the live show, seemed to joke that the assailant was a ‘Trans man’.

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