Bristol City Council plans meeting to discuss recreational marijuana sales

BRISTOL, Conn. (WTNH) — Will the sale of recreational marijuana be allowed in the City of Bristol? That’s the issue taking the center stage Thursday night during a City Council meeting.

The sale of recreational marijuana is legal in Connecticut, but it’s an issue that continues to divide the Bristol community. Last week, people packed City Hall voicing their concern over the issue. Some stood in favor of marijuana sales, while others sighted problems it would cause.

One of the discussion points on the table is this: how will cannabis be regulated?

Right now, the Ordinance Committee is trying to decide how many shops the city should have and where they will be located. During last week’s meeting, some residents were against recreational sales completely.

They fear it would turn Bristol into a drug haven.

“Regular use, recreationally, becomes addictive and leads to the demise of the person and the loved ones around them. I sure don’t think we need more of that in our society or in Bristol,” said one resident.

“Our goal is to set up guardrails to make sure that we protect the youth and that it’s not on every street corner and it’s an older neighborhood that is discreet and taken care of,” stated Cheryl Thibeault, a member of the Bristol City Council.

Where the cannabis shops will be located is the next potential major issue.

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