BGT’s The Witch ‘outed’ as ‘major ITV star’ sent to torment judge Amanda Holden

Following The Witch’s terrifying performance on Britain’s Got Talent, many viewers have been pondering over the identity of the creepy witch character

On Saturday night’s show, 51-year-old judge Amanda Holden was left screaming in fear and her co-judge Alesha Dixon, 43, ran from her seat in terror.

The masked character eerily walked down the stairs from the stage to present each of the show judges with an apple – and asked Amanda: “Do you know why they say beauty’s only skin deep? Because we’re all rotten to the core.”

The fruit then crumbled in front of Amanda, unleashing cockroaches and mealworms onto her desk, to shrieks from the blonde star.

While the stunt impressed and frightened viewers, many have pondered over who the identity of the witch and who is hiding underneath all the make-up.

An early theory is that it could be former BGT performer Marc Spelmann, who was a runner up in series 13 back in 2019 under the guise of a performer named ‘X’.

However, a new theory has taken off – with many convinced the witch could actually be ITV star and host of Celebrity Juice Leigh Francis, who is more regularly known by his character name, Kieth Lemon.

The 49-year-old comedian has played the grandmother of Amanda in the past, getting dressed up in cosmetics to play a character in Bo Selecta.

Britain’s Got Talent fans are scared of The Witch performer

And others suspect it could even be one of Ant and Dec – who actually host BGT.

Theories have been running wild on social media, with one writing on Twitter : “The Witch was either @lemontwittor or @antanddec.”

Another wrote: “The Witch looks a bit like one of Ant & Dec’s Undercover disguises.”

And another asked: “Anyone else think the witch from last nights #BGT looked like Dec in prosthetics?”

Fans are even willing to overlook the fact that Ant and Dec stood at the back of the stage while the witch was performing, with one suggesting: “Maybe the video was edited to be like that or super imposed??”

It’s not just witches that have been upsetting viewers, as a spooky phantom also sent chills down the spine of viewers when the series kicked off last month.

Keith Lemon
Some are convinced Keith Lemon star Leigh Francis is hiding beneath the witch costume

The judges were confused when the curtain went up to show a stage set up with a blackboard and a chair when a voice echoed out from nowhere asking Amanda to come to the stage.

She then sat on the chair, which turned around on its own accord, and was asked to take an item from a box full of different objects.

A piece of chalk then wrote out that Amanda was holding a pair of keys – with the chalk moving on it’s own before falling to the floor.

Britain's Got Talent viewers have theorised who they think could be behind The Witch's facial prosthetics
Some think it could be Ant or Dec underneath the prosthetics

And in a further twist, it turned out the keys belonged to BGT host David Walliams, 50, who looked gobsmacked as he realised the keys had been taken from his backstage dressing room.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV and via the ITV Hub on Saturday night at 8pm.

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