BGT’s Ferdinand Rennie gets standing ovation – but Simon Cowell is not a fan

Britain’s Got Talent Scot Ferdinand Rennie got a standing ovation from the audience for his upbeat rendition of Never Enough but was told he’d ruined the song forever by a miffed Simon Cowell.

Ferdinand, 62, from Dunoon, wowed the audience as he performed his big vocals on a high energy version of the famed song from The Greatest Showman.

He’d told Simon at the start of his audition: “I just love to sing for people and move their hearts.”

Loren Allred from The Greatest Showman competes in show

He also revealed he chose the song because “It’s one of your all time favourites and I made my own unique version of it. I hope you all will like it”.

During his performance Simon pressed his buzzer and later he rolled his eyes and said: “That was my favourite song of all time. Not anymore.”

He accused him of murdering the song and added: “It’s like losing a friend.”

Despite Simon’s reaction, fellow judge Amanda Holden said she loved it however Alesha Dixon also wasn’t a fan.

She said: “This is just one of those moments where we all have different tastes. And unfortunately I didn’t like it. So I’m saying no.”

And fourth. panelist David Walliams, who had climbed on the desk to tease Simon as he copied Ferdinand’s hand movements, apologised and said: “I’m sorry. But I did and but you know what? You’ve made us all happy tonight. So job done. Well done.”

Ferdinand’s performance led way to the next act who was Loren Allred, who famously sang the original ballad version of Never Enough in smash hit movie, The Greatest Showman.

Simon was thrilled to bits when she said she had been hired to do the reference vocals for the actresses so they could learn the songs and her original vocals had been used in the final cut.

When he asked her: “So why didn’t you get that big deal after the song, she added: “I was more comfortable singing behind the scenes, but I feel kind of like the song was meant for me and I’m I’m kind of ready to put a face to the song so I’m here to do that tonight.”

Other highlights on the show included the invisible act the Phantom which saw Amanda’s buzzer spookily being pressed without her touching it.

The Phantom also managed to steal David’s house-keys from his dressing room table.

A Scooter troupe aged six to ten also caused a stir when one of the youngest boys fell down during the show, leading the audience to gasp and be concerned for his welfare.

He remerged on stage to finish the act and they got through to the next round.

And there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when dad Nick Edwards sang a song about his two daughters to the audience after being surprised to perform for them on the night.

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